Wednesday, February 4, 2009


As you are aware that WFDU is in the midst of its annual fund raising drive----a short 2 week stint. Your support is certainly welcome--and some of you have been very generous and that is what lets us keep doing some of the things we do and also make guests happy to be on the program due to the enthusiastic and interested---and interesting---audience. So---more about fund raising later.

FEBRUARY 22 will be the first Sunday after the drive ends and both SUNDAY SIMCHA and TRADITIONS will be having some truly interesting guests on the shows.


MIKE BURSTYN will be joining us to talk about his latest work---LANSKY. LANSKY is now playing at St. Luke's Theater in NYC and I can tell you it is a riveting one man show that shows all sides of Meyer Lansky ---the mob brains and also the only person denied entrance to Israel under the Law of Return.

Hope you will be listening for Mike's insights into the character and how he does this mesmerizing performance. You might want to visit Mike's Website and learn even more about the performance---and Mike. You can order tickets at 212 239-6200.

You may recall he was my guest a while back when he performed at the Folksbiene in On Second Avenue.

TRADITIONS : I cannot say more than these two words---


Tom joins me that day in a pre-recorded interview with lots of music. We had a conversation---a better word for this than interview--prior to a concert he did in Paramus NJ at the end of January. Suffice it to say it was a sold out hall and Tom was in great form.

We spoke about his music--naturally--his collaboration with George Wurzbach and also his friends of yesteryear and now. Social issues were not left out of the conversation, I assure you.

Tom Paxton is, besides being a great performer, a prolific composer, also ---should have saved this for Sunday Simcha--a real "Mensch".

We have come to the end of this trailer for coming attractions and just want to urge you to call in the next few weeks with a pledge---whatever you can afford (believe me I know, personally, it is tough these days) and think of how we offer interesting radio without reimbursement. A commercial radio station pays but you don't get this---you get commercials and music you don't really want. You can e mail to make your pledge or for that program---just give me your name, address, and amount and the station will send you a pledge envelope---credit cards accepted---joyously.