Thursday, May 26, 2011

THURSDAY--Another edition of..............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)            For meaningful moments of memorable memories let me add a visit to the V A. Great organization that truly helps Vets—well, to some extent.   Some anecdotal moments about that---called in for eye exam by the OD who does not speak but rushes helter skelter---her call---Mr. Harn.   Exam and then you will be called again when your eyes dilate.   20 Min. later.  Mr. Harn---oops---there is a Mr. Harn there so the OD is very angry now why I came in---mispronounced name? (I said) –I never mispronounce names (she said).   Bottom line---she never confirmed my ID and if that other person had been using some drops that were not part of the standard tests my blindness would have been very upsetting to the OD.  Moreso, to me

2)            Putting the VA in a very positive light now.   A call from a nutritionist who spent some 20 min. on the phone to advise me on a proper diet after seeing blood test results relating to Potassium and Sugar levels.   Overboard on panic but On Board for empathy and caring.

3)            In the What Comes Around department the news that Cuba is investing in Golf Courses after years of saying it was an evil rich person’s pursuit just shows things do come around---even the silliness of rich folks trying to put a little ball into a hole in the ground---if it brings in the Dinero.

4)            Huguette Clark is dead---and you  don’t even know who she was.  Neither did I.  And, frankly, after a wealthy and very reclusive life—who really cares?

5)            This Sunday I have 2 great conversations on my 2 radio programs:
SUNDAY SIMCHA---Mike Burstyn joins me to talk of The Adventures of Hershele Ostropolyer.  Having seen it I can assure you a great evening in the theater—AND—the now are offering weekday tix for $33.00 on the Folksbiene website.   Sure beats Bway.

TRADITIONS---Andrew Calhoun joins me for an hour of great conversation and music of his own creation---and of a certain few others---for a reason.

6)    You have to love Pres. O’Bama ( you know the Irish guy)  in olde Erin. Everyone, it seems is Irish---reminded me of some classic episodes of Family Guy and Married With Children.  Years back a I joked about my co-host’s love of everything Irish before a St. Patrick’s Day program---My comment (in dialect)   “...good ole Ron O’Lesko will be with ye next week---he is now busy polishing up his apostrophe...”  He really found it offensive---well, the dialect.   I, for one, thought it good—but generic. Which brings me to a true tale. Coming up next.

7)   Just having heard an interview on “Fresh Air” with Sarah Silverman I have to say to start---I do not like her.   That said she did tell a story to which I could relate and it had to do with her use of the word “Chink” which some people found offensive and rightfully so.   Though people like Lenny Bruce and Geo. Carlin had made great points using such material to show our hypocrisy.  On, now, to the true story---I am a little guy (some 10 yrs. Old) and on Sunday nights an uncle asked us to join him for dinner.  This has to be prefaced with—“ idiot uncle with many prejudices”.   So, says, he---“ about going to the Chinks tonight?”   Amazing the amount of years before I knew it was not a chain of restaurants.  Can you imagine this a franchise along the lines of McDonalds---?
I do have to admit a Sarah Silverman moment that did make me laugh---her comment about a friend who put a .25 piece on his forehead and said---hey today is Jewish Ash Wednesday---self deprecating humor is OK to me---the rest---Lenny Bruce she is not.  Richard Pryor she is not.

8) NYC was a dangerous and affordable place in the 1980s/1970s/ and early 1990s.  Now it is a fairly safe place that is unaffordable by most people.  It has subway cars free of graffiti and “in-places” for the illiterati.  The question then is---which is the better place?

9) When did a 5 floor walk-up in a tenement in lower Manhattan become a “luxury pied-a-tierre” listing at over $1,000,000? Either I slept a long time like good old Rip or the world has truly ended and Harold Camping just went to the wrong heaven.

10) What a kind thought from a listener to mention that since my programs are now on the World Wide Web (as a live stream) these are major programs---good news for me since now my head will not be banging against those edges of the little pond in which I am a big fish.