Friday, February 8, 2008


As the title of this page of the blog says--program notes---and, of course, updates. A few things that are being enthusiastically anticipated for the three programs I host. Let us start with

TABLETALK: The Sunday of February 10 promises to be an interesting event. A conversation with Jeff Sumerel, the filmmaker who's film "TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN" debuts at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) on 2/13 as part of their documentary film series. The subject is the incomparable Brother Theodore---who, as Mr. Sumerel says, was unique and we should help THEODORIZE THE WORLD.

Sunday, February 17 a musical celebration the lengthy
political campaign featuring The Capitol Steps.


Check the right side of the page and see a sample of this great group.

TRADITIONS: As the fund raiser will be winding down in the next few weeks,and we hope that the support the program receives from the loyal listenership allows the program to stay where it is some wonderful guests are in the offing. Shortly, a live performance by Red Molly in the new performance studio is being scheduled in anticipation of the release of their newest CD. I hope to have the date firmed up within a week or so.

Additionally some other guests I am anxiously anticipating are Carey Creed and Emily Kurn. They will be seperate guests.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: My thanks for the support so far. Shortly we will be able to resume guests, Comedy Corner, and all the new material has come in---including some Jewish Surfing Music (anxious to hear what you think of that). As always we will stick with the old classical material and intersperse with such wonderful work that is being done to broaden the entire world of Jewish Music.

An aside here with regard to support of the program. WFDU has, basically, 3 "ethnic" programs. This program is 1 hour in length and to show proportionate support in that time frame in comparison to the one that is on for 4 hours each week---and a great show it is (and loyally supported) --I would say that Sunday Simcha will need at least $1,200 more prior to the end of this short annual (the only one during the year) fund drive.

You can call me this Sunday at 201 692-2012 where I and the volunteers will be delighted to talk with you. Another option is to e mail and I will enter your pledges. Please include a mailing address so that your packet can be mailed to you. If you care to use a credit card then you can go to and pledge securely by clicking on the "pledging" tab.

Remember--this is the only show of its kind in the metro area and when I started it some 2 1/2 years ago some e mails arrived saying that _" great that old WEVD program is back". Well, it is not that but it surely is something that I believe is valued by many for varied reasons---so remember the slogan:


And for those of you who are web listeners the e mail and station link will be the best options.

Always remember the great Yiddish curse for those who do not help--- "May All Your Teeth Fall Out Except One---That One You Should Keep For A Toothache".

On a kinder and gentler note---there are other stations having fundraisers at this time and they seem to have them everytime you turn around. So---think about this. Pledge here we are not going to be back to you, unlike them, until next year. In addition think of this as well---this is the only station where, when you write or call, the person you want to communicate with responds directly to YOU.

A loyal Sunday Simcha listener and pledger who built his own violin.

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