Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Thoughts About Hypocrisy and Current Events

Welcome to the phone booth---I hope our small contingent is not too crowded and that we all showered so that the soap suppliers do not have to receive a bonanza.

Given the events of this past week and given all the commentary about it I thought the following would be appropriate---it is something I posted to Facebook as a response to another item (having to do with Dylan and the subject)---which seems to have disappeared. Who know why things appear and disappear on that site---algorithms, I suppose. I do not know that damned word even means---anyway---below is my post which I felt was pertinent to the events of last week:

I am certain that Phil Ochs would have a just as pointed and meaningful a commentary---but it matters not since the deed is done and the tragedy happened---for whatever reason. Thankfully, Pres. Obama has properly evinced the moment with c...ommentary on healing and hope for a more meaningful and peaceful discourse since we are one nation and should not be swayed by the acts of a "lunatic"---at least here we do not have to worry about the legalisms of comments--years back we also did not---now we and the Pres. have to watch the words we use---cannot even call a "nut job" that---he is "mentally challenged" and the police will try to find out his motives---well, they will do better than "shrinks" then----no one else seems to have wanted. legally,to invade the territory of---basically---a nut case and this is what the results are.

OK---Time for Phil Ochs


Thursday, January 13, 2011

THURSDAY ---Another Editions Of....................

A flip of the fedora to, as always, Jimmy Cannon

1)            Was is it not pleasant to find out that Mayor Bloomberg was not even there for the first storm and all the while giving a 1st person account of the problems “he” faced.   Lindsay was there.  So good to have that silky skin that allows things to slide off even when ---politely now---prevaricating involvement.  I bet there was no ice or snow in Bermuda.

2)            We mourn the loss of such a talent at so young an age—59.   Debbie Friedman.  We shall commemorate her on Sunday Simcha this Sunday ---1/16/11

3)            Is there really a reason we have to be gentle in finding the motives of a horrendous murderer who “allegedly”---mandatory word since the days of “take em” out an hang “em”, even though we know they performed an act?  Well, at least to satisfy our curiosity.  
4)            Jeremy Brett still seems, to me, to be the ultimate Sherlock Holmes---Dick Cavett’s opinion, in his latest book not withstanding. He loved Basil Rathbone.  Basil Rathbone hated the role---just did it for the money.

5)            Jon Stewart has to be complimented for his brilliant monologue after the Arizona tragedy and his wonderful seque into another matter (shtick) not involving him to lighten the moment. Bravo!!

6)            Loved the commentary recently about “..presumed innocent until proven guilty”---all the lawyers (except female ones) got it wrong.  It is not stated anywhere---basically you are guilty and the Defense Attorney has to prove you innocent given the preponderance of evidence.   Sounds right to me.

7)            I am still trying to understand when and how a $30,000 house became worth $500,000 and an apartment in NYC in Harlem became worth over $1,000,000.  Even, as it is said, “adjusted for inflation”.  That is not inflation---that is an explosion.

8)            Which brings to mind the other thought about people who have lived there and been “gentrified”---I doubt they are in Florida (God’s Waiting Room).

9)            NYS has a new administration and I have to mourn the loss of an idealistic Governor because he was not politically correct or popular.

10)      My daughter has it right---have a Funeral Rehearsal---like a Wedding Rehearsal---at least you get to be feted while you are still alive and not have to miss all the belated BS you would have enjoyed.  Hopefully!!

11)      Why does not the public hold that good old “snow removal grudge” against M. Bloomberg as they did against John Lindsay.  He was idealistic and this dear mayor is just pragmatic.  Who gets it?

12)   Bravo to Pres. Obama on his speech and his unifying and peace provoking moments rather than the hate filled rhetoric one might have heard.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crosshairs & Hindsight

Sarah Palin---what more is there to say. Out of nowhere she becomes a wealthy and celebrated celebrity that has the mentality and knowledge of a cauliflower and the  morals of dear old Mephistopheles. 

Hard to understand that a person that was almost---well not even close--President is the person that McCain would choose such a non-entity as a running mate and create such a media frenzy about her.  And make rich  with her speaking fees, her FOX contracts, and such.   May I quote Christine Lavin---who, as many folk artists, have more insights than  many politicians....
"....what was I (he) thinking".

You surely know that this refers to the horrendous events in Tucson and my comments about the good ole bear killer are not the thing that instigated it.  It was that piled upon the rants and raves of media in this day of instant communication and gratification affecting one sick mind.   Time to slow down, think things out reasonably, and pay more attention to committing the mentally ill to places where they can be either helped  or held from doing harm. 

As to Arizona.   Guns and heat---what a great combination.   What does it take to make people realize that guns are used only  by  the criminals and the "crazies"?   You can get hunting permits if you really feel the need to kill some poor "critter" in the woods---are there any woods in Arizona?

Stick around for tomorrow's Nobody Asked Me But---just a little preview here---but as to the Music and Radio portion of this blog---well, a  few items--

1)  January 16---SUNDAY SIMCHA ---we remember and commemorate Debbie Friedman
2)  January 23---TRADITIONS---------Richard Berman joins me as a guest to play and talk of his meaningful and insightful music. This is a far cry from the Top 40 and Sinatra---for sure.

This might be a good time to leave you with some music from the above 2: