Thursday, January 13, 2011

THURSDAY ---Another Editions Of....................

A flip of the fedora to, as always, Jimmy Cannon

1)            Was is it not pleasant to find out that Mayor Bloomberg was not even there for the first storm and all the while giving a 1st person account of the problems “he” faced.   Lindsay was there.  So good to have that silky skin that allows things to slide off even when ---politely now---prevaricating involvement.  I bet there was no ice or snow in Bermuda.

2)            We mourn the loss of such a talent at so young an age—59.   Debbie Friedman.  We shall commemorate her on Sunday Simcha this Sunday ---1/16/11

3)            Is there really a reason we have to be gentle in finding the motives of a horrendous murderer who “allegedly”---mandatory word since the days of “take em” out an hang “em”, even though we know they performed an act?  Well, at least to satisfy our curiosity.  
4)            Jeremy Brett still seems, to me, to be the ultimate Sherlock Holmes---Dick Cavett’s opinion, in his latest book not withstanding. He loved Basil Rathbone.  Basil Rathbone hated the role---just did it for the money.

5)            Jon Stewart has to be complimented for his brilliant monologue after the Arizona tragedy and his wonderful seque into another matter (shtick) not involving him to lighten the moment. Bravo!!

6)            Loved the commentary recently about “..presumed innocent until proven guilty”---all the lawyers (except female ones) got it wrong.  It is not stated anywhere---basically you are guilty and the Defense Attorney has to prove you innocent given the preponderance of evidence.   Sounds right to me.

7)            I am still trying to understand when and how a $30,000 house became worth $500,000 and an apartment in NYC in Harlem became worth over $1,000,000.  Even, as it is said, “adjusted for inflation”.  That is not inflation---that is an explosion.

8)            Which brings to mind the other thought about people who have lived there and been “gentrified”---I doubt they are in Florida (God’s Waiting Room).

9)            NYS has a new administration and I have to mourn the loss of an idealistic Governor because he was not politically correct or popular.

10)      My daughter has it right---have a Funeral Rehearsal---like a Wedding Rehearsal---at least you get to be feted while you are still alive and not have to miss all the belated BS you would have enjoyed.  Hopefully!!

11)      Why does not the public hold that good old “snow removal grudge” against M. Bloomberg as they did against John Lindsay.  He was idealistic and this dear mayor is just pragmatic.  Who gets it?

12)   Bravo to Pres. Obama on his speech and his unifying and peace provoking moments rather than the hate filled rhetoric one might have heard.


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