Friday, December 25, 2009

A Request for That Laugh A Day

Good therapy is, as we now know, to have a laugh a day---have to keep those endorphins happy and moving. So---skip on over to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER----some laughs await and some memories from where Monty Python et al evolved.

Hopefully you will be joining me and my co-host Ron Olesko this coming Sunday for our look back on the year in music---our and your musical niche. Not a top 10 or 20 but, rather, an afternoon of what we found truly interesting and probably have neglected some pieces. Feel free to e mail if you have some that you, after hearing the show, felt should be included.

A picture is worth at least 10 words---not really a thousand so to intrigue you to go to the link above:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......:

And a flip of the fedora to JIMMY C ANNON....

Nobody Asked Me But

1) I still remember a time when on Christmas Eve most restaurants, movies, etc; were closed. Times change and sometimes for the better----sometimes not so. Open facilities is a change for the better.

2) TV just seems to get less and less creative as there are more and more channels. Too much of a “good” thing?

3) A brief list of the “best of” in TV past and present: PRESENT: Curb Your Enthusiasm, House (silly but fun), Monk (now gone), Mad Men (season over), Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert (his audience reaction is an annoyance—controlled by him), Jeopardy (the eternal program with the blandness perfected host).

PAST: St. Elsewhere, Homicide—Life On The Streets, Married With Children, Sherlock Holmes (via BBC)---and then there was the Golden Age produced by gas operated cameras---Philco Playhouse, Studio One, and more.

4) The controversy about Pope Pius XII and sainthood has to make one wonder about one thing---who cares? If there is a God then who are humans to decide and if there is not a God---well---who cares?

5) I surely hope that newspapers are not relegated to the trash bin because of the internet. Google does not replace insightful commentary and instant communication is not an improvement over a slower and more insightful communiqué.

6) The best films are still the ones without the big special effects but excellent acting where the actors inhabit the characters---Merryl Streep is that perfect example.
7) Who cares about Tiger Woods and his affairs---other than the tabloids and the “great unwashed” (quote from an old novel on the topic) who buy those fish wrappers.

8) Lobbies of buildings really should be cleared to be able to use the space for all the holiday symbols everyone wants displayed---Christmas Trees, Menorahs, Kwanzaa, and I am sure Muslims will chime in at some point---

9) A brief start for a song that might be appropriate which some talented songwriter might finish—“Clear the halls of boughs of Holly and save your fa la las for some other folly. Blow the candles out and let the Macabees pout---all the while you can wear a smile knowing that---“Here Is Where the songwriter is needed.

10) I truly wish all a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah (however it is spelled), Joyous Kwanzaa( and do not deny that the candles are not similar to Chanukah candles---in this newest holiday creation), and happy whatever Athiests commemorate at this time of year---would not a Joyous Solstice suffice for all of us on this small part of space---the days are now getting longer---always things to look forward to.