Saturday, March 8, 2014


Since it has been a while I do want to start with some comments about the 2 programs I am privileged to do on WFDU---SUNDAY SIMCHA  & TRADITIONS.    So, first the positive comments about that most eclectic radio station---WFDU.   We play whatever we decide within our genre of material.   There are no mandated playlists as there are on so man, allegedly, public or community stations.  Both on the left side and the center of the dial.  Well, no one has dials anymore anyway.  

On the subject of WFDU (  if you like streaming) I want to bid a truly fond farewell to the General Manager of WFDU who has announced his retirement.   My respect for him and his loyalty in adjudicating  issues that may have arisen. Be they content or any other matter.

This all brings me to Sunday Simcha and its content.   I thank you all for your support for the program over the years and in the recent fundraising efforts the station had.   In doing the program I have to say, in all honesty, that much of the material is being repeated.  I know you appreciate it but I urge you to send me any material (which I have rcvd. over the years) you might want to share with our mutual audience.

My thanks to the loyal audience to  TRADITIONS and also for all the nice comments when spoke on the phone recently during our fund raising month.  You made my day(s).   I know many of you did not want premiums and I thank you for that.  However,  some gifts, if you will, are already on the way to you.   My thanks, too, to the artists that have supplied them.

Now some comments about Facebook and how it has invaded all (or most of) our lives.   I see the benefits in spreading news you want promulgated (there is a SAT word they may eliminate) but why oh why do people have to post personal medical, marital, and legal issues there?   Are there not certain things that are meant to be  kept private and not promote them when the authorities (NSA) can find them out without your advertising them.    Geo. Orwell was just a few years too early in his book----we have now arrived.  With our help and Facebook.   Mark Zuckerberg is rich and we, happily, give up privacy and get unwanted ads (which is only a tip of an poisonous iceberg) after having our DVRs skip ads.