Wednesday, June 4, 2014


There are some wonderful new artists in the genre that I claim to write of and I will get to them in a moment.  First, though, a personal reading recommendation.  If you are of a certain age and from a certain area you will enjoy this well written memoir by Avery Corman----"My Old Neighborhood Remembered".   Avery Corman, you will recall, wrote Kramer v Kramer, Oh God, etc.   My surprise is that he and I are just about 2 years apart in age and grew up within in 10 blocks of each other in The Bronx.  Same schools, same activities, and so much more that is now gone from the city landscape and the city's ---shall we call it morality?   Times change, mores change, rituals change, and growing up in a time of plain old simplicity and safety change.   Growing up in that wonderful bubble of time was a joy.   Read the book and re-live it if you are of that generation and if not, read it and see what life was like in that simpler time.

It's amazing how much new material flies into the ever open transom when you are off for a few weeks from TRADITIONS---SUNDAY SIMCHA continues on unabated with the music the audience seems to like the most---and I shall stick to it more.  Let us say it is generation oriented.  For TRADITIONS, as said, that open transom let fly in some wonderful new material and artists.  For example ---Jackie Morris, The Warren G. Hardings, Paul Sachs, Abe Loomis, Job Potter, Linda MaCraeand some not so new but with new releases such as John Flynn and Red Molly.   All them can be heard this coming Sunday (June 8) when we will also visit with some old favorites (as always), pay a brief tribute to the wife of Tom Paxton (more on 6/22), and recall (musically) the amazing date of June 5, 1944.   I also hope  you tune in for the "remembrance" segment as we remember topical and protest singers who are no longer with us.  We will also have a set of guitar songs---songs about guitars that are not metaphorical.  Sometimes a guitar is just a guitar a guitar as sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.   No one can possibly be offended by these non metaphorical pieces.  One of them will be performed by Gathering Time prior to the creation of  their newest work.  A wonderful piece compose by Stuart Kabak.   Not to be missed.