Thursday, December 23, 2010

THURSDAY ---Another Edition of...............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)     I was so glad to see so many happy people---young and old—at the Buskin & Batteau (w/ Marshall Rosenberg) concert at Orangeburg a few days ago.  The lads are fairly talented you will all agree---I am sure.

2)     Don’t you just love the fact that you can have the opportunity for a “free dinner” from Chase Bank if you have the lucky number but you cannot get them to modify a loan---or, worse, after they are bailed out they now buy tax liens with that money and dun (and increase the interest and fees) on home owners?   Ebenezer does live and was the most realistic character in Dickens novel.  By the way---Bank of America is the worst offender---and the all use screen names---not the corporate ones for those internet auctions. 

3)     The phone booth for this blog got so crowded (and some of you did not shower) last week we actually moved it into a larger area----a triple Porta Potty

4)     My cholesterol levels must have hit a new high the other day after viewing Breakfast At Tiffanys ---all that “schmaltz” to go along with the blood sugar levels from all the sweetness.  Truly a dated and “nothing special” pic.   That said---S O B is still good and truly funny---Blake Edwards in full stride.

5)     How many people feel that the next generation and those following will not know what a true Bway experience is after seeing and believing that things like Lion King, Spiderman (if it ever sees the light of day—and hopefully the injured will), or Phantom of The Opera?   Seems that a Bway experience should not be an enhanced imitation of a film but, rather, an experience to be had as true “theater” where the actors transport you and not some special effects.   It’s not film.

6)     Traditions on WFDU this Sunday will be a real---how shall I say it---“heimische” afternoon(should have used that for Sunday Simcha).  Ron Olesko and I will be together for a live year end program---no Auld Lang Syne (at least from me) but some 10 recordings of things that we really liked this year---and having to fore-go other good ones they will be posted later.   A remembrance of some of the people that left us this year and a few other items---hope you will be joining us. 

7)     If you were a Barney Miller fan you will mourn the death of Steve Landsberg---Sgt. Dietrich at age 69.

8)     A great definition of theater on NPR earlier today by a drama critic”...if you want to see a circus go to the circus but if you want an experience that will have you thinking and feeling about what you saw afterwards----that is a theater production”.