Friday, July 24, 2009

A NEW REGULAR ITEM--Nobody Asked Me But....

Your choice about this---let me know if you want it on this page or on The Almost Daily Rooster I hope to make this a weekly or bi-weekly feature. It would be nice to have it on the page with the most traffic. Your choice.

That is a picture of Jimmy Cannon who was one of the great sports writers of any time. Besides sports he created a wonderful column which many have emulated and I now become a member of the vast group. The column dealt with much more than sports---and it was so simple. Without going into his journalistic history; suffice it to say he worked at the end for the NY Post---yes, the NY Post. Not the one that the fish look forward to being wrapped in today but in a day when it was a "newspaper".

The column was called (and it came out sporadically) "Nobody Asked Me But....."

I have started doing it on Facebook and it seemed to elicit interest and so I am hoping that you will take to it as well and leave some comments---pro or con. What follows is the latest entry on the Facebook site of that column (with, always, due respect to Jimmy Cannon). The point of it is varied topics--as you will see---that will, hopefully, interest people of varied interests and opinions.


1) People say that Folk Music attracts only older people but how many of us oldsters (elders sounds so pontifical) go to Rock Concerts?

2)Bet a certain generation can answer questions on Jeopardy about earlier Pop or Folk categories and cannot answer the queries during the College Bowl weeks about those musical items.

3) Do you think there is a musical group called the Underarms---I hope they have a strong deodorant

4)Pres. Obama got sucked into an incident that he should have avoided and answered in much better terms---the Police / Gates brouhaha

5)If I saw a break in I would call the police.

6)Do you think it possible that someone could commit murder and steal and ID from the victim?

7)Even though I don't go to ball games I still curse the traffic near the parks which I will still call SHEA and Yankee Stadiums---and The Triboro Bridge is still not the RFK Bridge to me.

8)I am delighted that so many venues on Long Island honor Harry Chapin

9)I think Medicare is great (the original plan) but why is it that the government will spend untold sums adding years to old lives and leaving younger people in a financial bind? (Not, of course, the congress ---their coverage is great)

10)The NY Times article on Medical Rationing was right on the mark---we just need better terminology.

So--make comments and let me know if you want it on this page or The Almost Daily Rooster. Disclaimer---I make no profit, as usual, from either site.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Misc. Program Notes

A few updates on some of the upcoming things on both TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA as well as some other items.

Let us start with

TRADITIONS: This coming Sunday there are a few things you should know in advance. KATE CAMPBELL is not a featured artist (it is not the usual thing for TRADITIONS) but you will hear a lot by her because she is one of the most insightful and prolific songwriters and, as it happens, she touches so many bases on this week's program. That also includes a song about the Moon Landing that has been in the news this past week---and a whole different take on it.

DEBRA LYNNE will be another artist which, while it is not an introduction to her, will present you with some of her new work and, of course, some schmoozing from me on how I got to it and to meet her. Quite the charming person and wonderful songwriter. My never so humble opinion---why oh why do they say on the internet--IMHO---how about IMNSHO. Lots of letters but more truth. Sorry---here is Debra:

Lots of other things that I hope will surprise and also intrigue you this week including some requests with special attention to one that should be truly meaningful.

The Thrills of The Hills, The Best in The West, and The Tops in Pops is a bit longer this coming Sunday but, I believe, worth the time. Some nostalgia and some updating---sort of what that WPAT segment might be like today---and I feel you will pick up on the thread of it.

Speaking of threads. If you have an idea in any week what the thread was just e mail me at No prize---just a mention that you are a Traditions Treasure the next week---if it were SUNDAY SIMCHA--a Tzadick. That alliteration does not work with Sunday Simcha ---unfortunately.

Speaking of SUNDAY SIMCHA: This coming Sunday I am delighted to be able to present to you some wonderful new material from SUSAN COLIN as well as THE ALEXANDRIA KLEZTET .

Since the show ends each week with the pre-cursor of Stephen Colbert, Sascha Baron Cohen, and others---ANDY KAUFMAN. A comedian who never told a joke--always stayed in character (which Cohen does not always do and Colbert does) why not feature this brilliant artist in Comedy Corner---and there he will be.