Thursday, June 17, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......:

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon .


1) It always surprises me when you see some educated people you expect to know certain things---and don’t and then find people less educated—and they do. One of the true cliches in this world has to do with books and their covers. It also works for books.

2) However the NY archaic divorce law debate ends it just proves Robert Klein’s brilliant song last week (HBO) correct with regard to gay marriage---they should be allowed to be as unhappy as anyone else.

3) It’s getting to look a lot like recent old times with this administration. Charismatic leadership and dynamism ended with Harry Truman (which was begat by FDR) and briefly resurrected by Ronald Reagan (in the passing of time which is now history).

4) Yesterday was Bloomsday---obscure but commemorated over the world. I wish I had known James Joyce since an aunt and uncle did and he was, besides, a great writer a humanitarian who effected the saving of many—well, some—Jews from that nasty Adolf.

5) Oh glory the Shinecock Indians are now recognized as a tribe and they can now fulfill their dreams by going back to their traditional way of life---Casinos. Oh glory to the great spirit.

6) Don’t “Day Traders” have something in common with “Day Gamblers” in Vegas and AC? Don’t call them investors unless you want to call the Vegas crowd “wheel” or “card” investors.

7) Do new ideas for TV programs really run out? Given this period it seems so---and you do not have to look even past 10-15 years.

8) PBS is to be congratulated for having no commercials---merely fund-raisers every other week recycling past programs and appearance by guys in bad hairpieces. I always look for the copyright date on their credits---if it is within the past 2 years it is truly an arousing moment. Yep---you got it right!

9) Alex Trebeck has no great talent and that is his great talent which has kept this program (Jeopardy) on since the first contestant---not sure if it was before his time---I believe it was Abraham who talked a bit about Sarah and the desert in his brief interview. A very “shtubbable” lady who blessed him with many children---and they all got into the college of their choice—only one available at the time—as he stated. CDU---Canaan Desert University. They had a major in sand. They also had a nice radio station==WCDU---followed thousands of years later by one with very close call letters and located next to many “Lantsmen”.

10) More questions about some Dylan lyrics—it was already asked about How Many Roads Must a Man Travel until he gets a GPS, The Answer is Blowing in the Wind---but, what is the question—and now one has to wonder about that Blue Eyed Son---everything that happens to him causes a Hard Rain to Fall. Would that he had an umbrella---or a helmet since this could be a hailstorm. So many questions and so few answers for such a deep thinker.