Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Some Comments and Some Updates on a Previous Post

The update has to do with the alleged discussion group at the local JCC here and the fact that one fellow was supposed to moderate the group was supplied with a mic. and I pointed out  it now is a monologue with the fellow in the mic thinking of himself as a newscaster and purveyor of the problems in his life.   I pointed all this out to the people in charge and their respoonse was that he will be going away for the  winter and be patient since we will be getting an intern to moderate (we had ne and she was marvelous---see earlier post for my chauvenistic comments.  My point to her was that I am a member so why do I have to wait for you and others to satisfy a pompous ass instead of taking charge---I am, after all a dues payer. You see that i make friends wherever I go.

 Now for the bright side and update,   Mr. MC w mic was not present today and a very bright and personable man was moderating---we disagree politically but we like each other and he will not use a mic when no one else has one so we are all on equal terms.

Briefly, I do not agree w/ most of his views and he does not agree with mine.  The discussion is valid and proper UNTIL 2 women in the group (and 1 man) merely rant and rave and have no valid  evidence  to support their yowling---it is  yowling (the woman--and a grating voice to boot).   Brief idea of the comments re: Iran/U S (European agreement)---

Woman---they are all animals there let's just bomb them to dust.  (very loudly)
Me:----Have you ever heard of diplomacy since it creates less casualties and we have been in a whole bunch of unnecessary wars recently thanks to the shoot em first mentality of recent office holders.  1938 was mentioned and I pointed out that the world is more complex now and the weaponry totally different and more effective (an aside here now---which we started but now hope to eliminate for good reason).Could not finish at this point w/ woman shrieking about "...damned ingnoramus and coward"..My parting shot " Maybe but at least not dumb and waiting for the nex Mah Jong Game---think what you owe the Chines---when the m,moderator (doing the best he could and was good) shut us all down--or is it shut us all up.    I am being to  believe that I go there for my health to get my adrenalin flowing

As for the other comments:    Back in 1999 I had live guest in the studio (WFDU) for TRADITIONS.  I wondered how this  was going to work out since she did seem  up my proverbial alley with songs like Drag Queens And Limousines.   She  blew me away and we have been contact ever since.  Her appearance on the program was a gem of honesty, well presented personal honest history, and of course her music.  She has now gone on to great heights and we are still in touch.   She has a new work coming out in October and, coincidencely she has a wonderful cover (interpretation) of a songs  by one of my other beloved artists====Ted Hawkins.   "Sorry Your Sick:"  You will hear this advance copy on TRADITIONS on August 16.

Another recommendation is David Tamulevich and his friends  called The Yellow Room Gang---(2 recordings)   They also will be on the program August 16.