Friday, October 28, 2016


If you came here because I suggested it; welcome.   The reason you came here is to see what really transpired that led to my departure (after 26 years )w/WFDU and hosting some 4 programs over the years.

Unfortunately I accepted the chore of hosting Sunday Simcha many years ago.  The show was named by me since the former program(hosted by Norman Laster) was cancelled by station management for myriad and proper reasons.   I was urged(very strongly) to take it over and was also hosting TRADITIONS alternate weeks,  as well as TABLETALK on a monthly basis.

Enough  of this now and on to  the reason you came here.

For many (26 by my count)years I co-hosted TRADITIONS (Ron Olesko  had asked me to join him) alternate weeks, as many of you will recall.  Now,  jump ahead some years and arrive at the fairly present time.  The station and the various programs  had some disappointing  results   in our fund raising efforts and some changes had to be made.  The station also had a new Program Director , Barry Sheffield, who has been there in another capacity for many years.In all those years he and I always  had a very good (so I thought)  relationship..   That now changed when he felt that my program(s) did not bring in enough revenue  I understood that and offered various alternatives..   One was to shave 1 hour off Traditions  and replace it with  my 1 hour Brunch With Bill.  Another thought was to go  back to the earlier programming where I alternated weeks  on Traditions and (according to Barry Sheffield ) was more effective at fund raising time. 

No way was the new P.D.  going to change Ron Olesko's hours (stated Mr. Sheffield) and, also, no one on Sundays will be cancelled.   You see how truthful that was . 

 As in most cases there are more details and sides but this is the basic outline save for PD's claim to have been personally offended by me for something he found on Facebook (agreeing w/an ex host he despises).

     As you read before I was not to be trusted on air (after all the years I was trusted) so, in aa few days check You Tube for my final BRUNCH WITH BILL----the show that wasn't     There will be more You Tube to come in this new world of alternative means of communication

Sunday, October 23, 2016


a follow up to the last posting that I did  not seem able to edit.