Thursday, December 1, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............

A flip of the fedora to JIMMY CANNON


1)   If you were observant you noticed there was no issue last week---Thanksgiving Day.  If you were observant you may well be Orthodox Jewish---and who know, then, if you are one of the other 2 people who scan this most deep missive from week to week.   Then again, who knows how many of you 2 like $5 words---for $1.95 I can say—“posting” or “read”---as opposed to “peruse”.  Hell, I do not want this to be the NY Post of today---the NY Times is better.

2)  Does anyone here recall when the NY Post was a truly “good” newspaper and held its own against the NY Times?   Think of some of the writers there and name them if you can.   One must say “shame” to Dorothy Schiff for trading in any ideals she may have had for the dollars of Murdoch and the demise of an historic newspaper.

3)   Speaking of “Fishwrappers”---here are some trivia questions—
a.       What was the subtitle of the NY Daily News in the 1940s and years after that?
b.      What was the name of the paper that had Nick Kenny as a columnist and specialized in racing results?
c.       What newspaper did Steve Allen parody with his “letters to the editor” routine?


4) Herman Cain must believe that when there is smoke it is just some vapor and there is no fire.   A great man who does not believe in cliches---well, maybe a few fabrications.

5)   Pat Wictor will be giving a concert at The Orangeburg Library on Dec. 18 (2 PM).  It is FREE ---BUT you do need to reserve a seat by calling 845 359-2244 (ext. 10) since seating is limited and approx. 50% of seats are now spoken for.
6)   TRADITIONS will be featuring a brand new CD from John Prine on the Dec. 11 program---a recent discovery by him of some early recordings.  You will be amazed how the voice has changed----for the better.

7)  I am still trying to understand the reasons people read the NY Post or The NY Daily News unless they feel that the really big news is all about the “trash” that passes for popular talent or, rather, hyped personalities with no substance.

8)  Newt Gingrich is a great choice if you want a philanderer as opposed to a philanderer or a lobbyist who is not a lobbyist but just a consultant. Oh, the hypocrisy of today’s candidates--if you recall the worry about the mentioning of Adlai Stevenson's divorce and the affairs and Catholicism of JFK.

9)  One does have to wonder about the banks and their wonderful commercials that tell you how friendly and convenient they are.  They also conveniently charge you for a lot of things in the small print one does not know about---or care about.   Does it really cost them anything if you are inactive?   Last person I knew who was inactive had a “headache”===I did not charge her a nickel. Then, I am not a bank.

10)                If someone throws a frozen turkey out of a car and you are not hit does that mean you dodged a pullet? If, on the other hand, you have a bible in your shirt pocket and a ham hits you and you survive does that mean that mean survival because of liberal interpretation of the laws of Kashruth-or the mercy of ---well, you know who? I really thought that entity---if there is one---had more important things to focus on.

11)                  Back to the chicken.   Why did he cross the road?   Truthfully, he thought he was a mountain climber and, I quote the chicken,  “...because it is there...”   Admittedly less risky.  Smart fowl.  And the little bugger talked.  Amazing!