Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Updates, Thanks and a Suggestion

Let us start with the suggestion. Click on the right to the "Playlist" page. There now are some great videos of Allan Sherman up there------always a big favorite on SUNDAY SIMCHA--and also the cognoscente of humor---join me in being a laughaholic and we can do a 12 step program together. Another video is of a person that is, not only a favorite on SIMCHA and TRADITIONS but an idol of mine since childhood thanks to a dear aunt who introduced me to the works of PAUL ROBESON.

By the way--in blogging's conversational style--note that I said "...introduced me to the works of PAUL ROBESON" as opposed to Mitt Romney's--" father marched with MLK"--he could have said he saw his father's support of MLK or some such thing.

I am not courting your vote---only your vote for WFDU's programming---and---yes, I am not hypocritical---the shows I host. That's honesty. Don't you just hate people who say things like--"...oh, you shouldn't have", "..I hate to ask, but..."? "Thanks so much for this award--I am so happy to be with such wonderful competitors" (The Oscars are coming--I await cliches).

Makes me think of that great Gilbert & Sullivan song from The Mikado---I've Got A Little List (next line---of society offenders who shall not be missed).

If you ever want to hear it---just e mail me with a request. I have no problem in adding G&S to the Traditions playlists---it is all great music.

OK--now for the thanks. All you loyal and I mean truly loyal pledgers who have helped us achieve our goal for TRADITIONS during the short fundraising effort this year. You are really "family" as your interest, loyalty, and support has shown over these many years. We also welcome some new names to the roster and are thankful for that.

SUNDAY SIMCHA --I want to add the same comments for that program as I said above---you surely do not want to read all this "chaverei" twice. As to the west coast listeners on the web---hey---schnorers are still welcome. What can I do---reminds me of a story. The question arose in this past NY Times "Ethicist" column of a community that had to chip in to erect fire protection for their community---and some did not. Were the supporters obligated to douse fires in homes of the non-payers? Yes--ethically they were but they should be sent a bill. Well---those of you who listen and e mail---there is no bill in the mail but just the suggestion that since others support the program, my devoting much time and energy at no recompense (save the love of YIDDISHKEIT), and perhaps the feeling of the "fire" in your Sunday Mornings should be paid for to show that it is a needed thing for SUNDAY SIMCHA to remain here. Ver Vaist---things could happen.

I change hats now---OK--I never wear one. Let me don the proverbial hat of the harbinger of some musical suggestions that you might feel worthwhile---no long reviews this time:

TOM PAXTON Comedians & Angels. His work just seems to get better and better. A full review is below.

RICHARD BERMAN You won't tap your feet but you will be moved with the lyrics and the insights of his music. The story songs are reminiscent of Harry Chapin without the beat.

EMILY KURN The voice and the sentiments---what more can I say

JASON PETTY If you like classic country music---this is your guy. Hank Williams re-incarneted---along with a lot of others

SUSAN WERNER The latest album nblew me away---The Gospel Truth

KIM & REGGIE HARRIS I cannot say more= early works, later works--like Tom Paxton---just keep getting better and better ---and more meaningful

I don't want to slight anyone---there are so many more--I should start my own award ceremony for ---how about alliteration here---MEANINGFUL MUSICIANS. So many---for beat and sound there are those, for Gospel and Rhythm there are many more, and for wonderful insightful lyrics there are those. They all have a place on TRADITIONS and so we shall go back to the regular programming this weekend.

A bit of a preview---commemoration of Black History Month w/ Laura Warfield, songs that are musical novels as opposed to just "songs", and also a bit of C/W in honor and dedication to a good friend at the station---it will be mentioned on the air.

Finally---if anyone wants to take the advice regarding joining the community you can pledge via e mail to:

TABLETALK (Hopefully you got a laugh this past Sunday w. the Capitol Steps program that took a while to compile). How much is the daily laugh to fight off torpor and sloth worth?