Thursday, January 26, 2012

NOT THURSDAY BUT---Another Edition of................

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


   1)  There is only one comment today to encompass some thoughts and comments and deliver some honest thoughts about blogs, the internet, and such.
            a)  Starting with Blogs (which, if you are curious is an acronym for web log).  It gives people, such as myself a forum from which to publish opinions and thoughts that were not possible years ago.  It also makes us feel, honestly, that there is an audience for that.  Given that the Huffington Post and such sites have an audience one has to wonder why not "me".  Frankly, I agree. 
           b) Aging and knowing your peers are in that same category makes you realize how fleeting time is.  It also makes you count your sorry small blessings to find that many have fared not as well.  Some better.  That is, I suppose, what is called "life".
           c)  Having heard that a neighbor died some 3 or months after losing his spouse makes you wonder why some people survive a death of a spouse for years and others pass on  so rapidly.  I know not.
       2) WFDU as you know, unlike other stations on the left side---and even the center of the dial---have a much needed fund raiser only one time a year (how necessary multiple times are for the others I know not) and it is always in February.  I do hope that you will support the station and most particularly---our own rating system--TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA.  I look forward to your support at this crucial and singular time.  You may call while the programs are airing (I am live---as I can be) at 201 692-2012 or via e mail to me at    

Your support---and, better, OUR support (since these programs are about you--the audience) is much needed and appreciated.   

That is the brief and personal column for this day---