Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Thursday and another Nobody Asked Me...

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)              What a wonderful time of year autumn is.  Just too short for all the wonderful colors, farms with Mazes (like the play on Corn Maze (Maize).

2)              It was obvious that both candidates were staring at teleprompters for their closing statements.   Check their eyes as opposed to how the looked during the earlier segments.

3)              What is so rare as a day in June?  Probably most days in October in the Northeast and all those great but short lived colors.

4)              Obama Care---now that he has decided it he likes the term(good for him) may well be a great thing.   I just made an appointment with a doctor and the first question on the phone was about my insurance.  Without insurance you are screwed.   With it you just get your appointment.   We need a setup equal to Medicare.

5)              LBJ may well be a most under-rated Pres. given the sad events of Viet Nam.  Today we speak of national (local) issues and he was a leader in them all---Civil Rights and Medicare—to mention two.

6)              How the world changes always amazes me and it shouldn’t.   Be it our relations with China, Viet Nam, Germany, etc; Still I was intrigued by the article about the two combatants during the Cuban Missile Crisis that now live nearby=the U S person on L I and the Russian (Soviet) who moved to ---where else—Brooklyn.   Whole new world.

7)              In the “whole new world” department you have to wonder why Metro Cards expire.   Tokens never expired and neither did coins.  Sure they could melt if the heat was intense enough but that would mean Armagedon so who cares.

8)              Perhaps the MTA (in the NY area) should think of issuing passports for a fee since their tolls are making it impossible to traverse the area in an affordable way.  Passports are the way to go---divide and conquer by fees. 
9)              A delight to see the opening of the Roosevelt Island Park to honor FDR.  When last did we see a regal and commanding President?

10)       I do believe that you will find this Sunday’s broadcasts of both SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS interesting since on SS we have, not only a conversation with Zalmen Mlotek about his revival of The Golden Land and a, hopefully, enjoyable Comedy Corner for this pre-Halloween weekend and on Traditions we have some wonderful new material along with the features and a special Halloween treat.  Trust me---a rare treat by one of my old---very old---favorites.