Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Happiness--defined and commented on.

While the Grinch is not my hero I do have to say that there has to be some respite from all this forced happiness, gayety, and celebration.    A few thoughts on that subject and, perhaps, some comparisons of the various holidays we insist on celebrating.

The main event, as the boxing folks say, is Christmas.  What a joy.  I, too, as a youngster fell into the mood---and I am not Christian---but, oh those carols, those trees, that shopping (damn, I could have had 8 gifts for Channukah), and all that constant cloying moments of alleged magical musical moments.  Are we not overloaded with Andy Williams and that ilk by now?

To other holidays now--before we return to that miracle in a manger because the hotel was booked--

Channukah---I am killing my image here as host of a Jewish radio program.   We celebrate revolutionaries and the mayhem that encompassed---not peace.   The miracle of the oil ---lots of interpretations there but let us just leave it as so much that all those latkes could be cooked.   Or, in contemporary terms the miracle would be one again gasoline (oil) at .35 /gal.

Kwanzaa---I am no expert to comment on that subject other than to say it is a late entry into the mass that encompasses they cashing in of the Christmas season---not the spirit---the season is for merchandising
Christmas---The basis for all this joy and celebration. is something I should not comment on but, suffice it to say, that Easter is the memorable occasion for the true believers.   Christmas, now that I am not a kid anymore, is truly an artificial holiday created for merchandising.    Snow---only in this area.   Yet, Christmas does happen in the Middle East (and all over the world).   The actual birthday of the baby Jesus is up for grabs.  Though I did hear on a radio program recently a lovely tale about a pregnant lady who was upset about that and a stranger offered to take her to wherever she need to go but they ended up not finding a hotel ---she gave birth and this kind man signed up as the father to the available authorities.

Perhaps some music to celebrate the holiday season now---


Thursday, December 13, 2012


 a flip of the fedora as always to JIMMY CANNON


1        As the year draws to an end this Sunday will be my last program on TRADITIONS for this year and I will be featuring---along with the regular features and the wonderful new material---some of the recordings that truly got to me this year.  Not a TOP10 just a summary of some that impressed me for various reasons.   If you have others in mind please do contact me and let me know and I will surely play them with your comments next time I am on the WFDU airwaves---or, now, their worldwide stream.   Damn, they have to contact a good Urologist about that.

2        I hope that you will be joining me once again on January 5 when my guest will be Mara Levine and we will play from her newest recording and talk about that and her career.

3        The Pope is now using Twitter---what a thrill.   I don’t since I do believe that it is the area limited to birds for communication.   Are we not more nuanced than the birds?

4        This is a good point to announce some of the future plans for both TRADITIONS AND SUNDAY SIMCHA.   On January 5 I am planning to have Mara Levine join me to talk about her career and play music for her latest recording---such a beautiful voice. That will be on TRADITIONS.  SUNDAY SIMCHA will featuring some your requests for the more traditional material as the years progresses and will also be adding some “newish” material---strange you don’t look newish---but you will assimilate and enjoy the program.   Alavei!.

5        I do want to make mention if the radio station that is truly---THE RIGHT PLACE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE DIAL.  Actually, if you still have a dial---on the whole damned thing.     WFDU.  Where else would or do you get the eclectic  programming you get here---especially on the weekends.  OK I am partial.  Where else do the hosts get the liberty of programming what they believe is what the their audience wants---not what “suits”  say they want.   It is radio as is should be.   Not, like some alleged community/public stations say they are.   This is really “free form” radio at its best.  Radio you can relate with.   As was said, recently, by one of the staff members, “...a companion to those who are in need of company and a port in a lonely storm...”.   It is the best that radio offers.  Even more than TV.   It is personal.

6         For this year then---may your next year be what you hope it will be.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

THURSDAY---another Edition of NOBODY ASKED ME BUT.....

The usual tip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon----


1)    How many times do you get to see a terrific concert at no cost?   Forget the $100 plus tickets at the arenas.  Come over to the Orangeburg Library (call for reservation—845 359-2244---FREE) on Sunday 12/2 at 2 PM.  Do get there at 1 PM to view this multifaceted artist’s art work.  I speak of CHRISTOPHER BROWN---Not Chris Brown----Rock’s problem.

2)   Facebook might turn out to be the psychotherapy out there and it is free (except for the annoying ads).   Some people truly get their professional information out there---and then there are the folks who post everything from their shopping list to their bowel movements.   They are truly being helped by this medium since a “shrink” would charge an exorbitant amount to have them vent and accomplish “zilch”.  It may well be that Facebook will be the downfall of the pontificating and pointless purveyors “pap” at exorbitant rates.   Shakespeare said it best (as always) about these purveyors of panacea ----“...signifying nothing..”   OK, it is the last line of a longer speech talking of something else yet does apply here---just forget the “ sound and fury part” which was not mentioned here.

3)    An amazing array of wonderful new material always arrives at this time of year for air on both Sunday Simcha and Traditions.    Let me just give you a few items that might work for gift giving time---
a)            The Idelsohn Society---anything at all with special attention to  Twas The Night Before Hannukah (2 CD set)—also their Black Sabbath recording of African American Artists doing Jewish Music
b)            Susan Colin and Joy Katzen Guthrie and any of their recordings.  Two cantorial charmers of wonderful vocal delivery

    For TRADITIONS Fans---
a)            Kim & Reggie Harris ---Resurrection Day
b)            Anne Hills---The Things I Notice Now (Tribute to  Tom Paxton)
c)            Suzie Brown—Heartstrings (for the Prine cover song there)
d)            Iris Dement---Sings the Delta---because she is Iris Dement
e)            Tune in and find even more items of note.

4)                December 16 will be my last show for this year.  Ron Olesko will be doing the others for Christmas and New Years and I return on January 5 with my special guest.  Mara Levine.   She will be debuting her new album and we shall have an interesting conversation about her and her new CD.  I will, on the last show of the year for me, try to select some of the most meaningful music I have played this year---it could be new, it could be classic, and mainly it will be meaningful to me and, I hope, to you as well.

5)                It is amazing how nothing dies on the internet.   I just rcvd. a request for a copy of an interview I did with THEODORE back in 1998 or so and it was mentioned in the, now defunct, THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER  in 2008. The answer was “..not available..”  This brings up the question---do you ever die on the internet even if you have left this world in the true sense?

6)                I wonder how the younger generation(s) can envision life without all the instant communication of today’s world.  Probably as I cannot envision the days prior to automobiles and telephones (I am not that old).  Still, think of a few things.  Does this immediacy of communication really make things better?   Was not, say diplomacy amongst nations, better when there was more time for thought?  Were kids not better off making up their own games and fun?  Did it not make it more worthwhile to do research instead of a quick one liner from a search engine (truth in commentary---that is still magic to me and amazing)?    Well,  now the next line---“...get the hell off my lawn...”

7)                As we get to the end of the year I do want to thank all the listeners for their interest and support of SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS.  I also want to thank so many of you who have made SUNDAY SIMCHA such a part of your Sunday routine.  And, I do not serve bagels and/or coffee. 

8)                I am not a diplomat but I do have to wonder about the semantics of the U N resolution granting non-member status to Palestine.  Perhaps the person who stated that words are powerful things has it right then.   A State in words only.   Then again, let us recall the British and the Balfour Declaration which talked of Palestine as a Jewish state (Home—to be exact).   Hmmmm!!!!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Many more people seem to read the Playlist Page but I do hope you will take a peek at this---or as might  be said in Yiddish Theater---gib a kik ahier.   You have only a few days left to see THE GOLDEN LAND at The Baruch Ctr For The Performing Arts (25th St./Lexington Avenue).  Go to  for ticket information.  The show ends its limited run on 12/2 I believe. One can only hope it once again gets revived.   The history of this particular Folksbiene project dates back to the 1930 when it started as a concert piece and finally evolved into a full fledged musical stage production.  This version has been updated to reflect the current time and still give the history of Jewish immigration through a great cast of 6 performers who make you thing that there are 18 people on the stage---or as Zalman Mlotek, the creator said to me on SUNDAY SIMCHA--"...they are all triple threat---singing, acting, and dancing...".   You will love the music and there is one particular piece that jumped out at me for which I offer this trivia query---who wrote the piece "BREAD AND ROSES".   No Googling---and the question is a bit tricky.  Let me just say the Playbill is partially correct in its credits.  Partially.   The first person to comment here with the true story gets a CAPITOL STEPS CD.  Now, take a peek at the trailer for this production---you know---gib a kik ahier---

Now for a few radio updates.    TRADITIONS on Nov. 25 has some wonderful new material to offer you as well as slightly belated Thanksgiving theme---though I do believe the best way to start a Thanksgiving program is with Loudon Wainwright and his take on that subject---I too am a cynic. BUT, after that opening you will find your old favorites, the features, and some Thanksgiving material and at the very end a story song with a story about it from the "its a small world department".   As to the wonderful new material that flew in over the always open transom---Kim& Reggie Harris (brilliant) , Anne Hills (ditto), Debra Cowan, and a few more surprises for you.  You can always catch the program on if you cannot receive us over that free thing called air.   Which means that the fellow who is on after SUNDAY SIMCHA now---Ghosty--has it right.  As he says---catch him on your listening device.  Don't fret, I am stealing the phrase for future use but I have to admit that he is the best thing to come down the WFDU trail in a long time.

Since mention was made of Anne Hills and her album of Tom Paxton music and of Kim and Reggie Harris---in English now---take a look---

A few samples that are not truly representative of the new albums but only about the brilliance of the artists.

A few comments now about Kim and Reggie Harris and some other artists.  Kim & Reggie were part of a wonderful Phil Ochs Song Night---and, yes, the name Dylan does not come up at these events for good reason.   The music of Phil Ochs, taken from us too soon (as so many) is eternal and Kim & Reggie Harris did it great justice as did Greg Greenway, John Flynn, Magpie, Pat Wictor, and Magpie---and the audience at the Acoustic Cafe that evening---Nov. 17, 2012.  Sonny Ochs was a wonderful interlocutor.

The weekend was a delight because the day after---Sunday---Priscilla Herdman and her angelic voice performed at the Borderline Folk Music Club in New City NY with a wonderful opening set by Loretta Hagen, Roger Hagen, and Mara Levine (who will be on Traditions in January).  My honor was to introduce them all.  Frankly,  I never understand that.   They need no introduction.  They grab an audience just by their stellar presence.

The final thoughts after that last paragraph are short and to the point---why do people not realize that the best venues are not overpriced arenas but small venues with artists that will meet with you at reasonable prices.   Have I been in my cave too long to know what is real and what is popular?

On a positive note---Thanksgiving is upon us and may I will you all a happy and memorable one.  Some folks do not have a hell of a lot to be thankful for this year after that storm---some surely do.  Either way---have a joyous one and take look at two thoughts on it----Loudon Wainwright after The Berrymans

There you have it.   That is Loudon Wainwright III in the second clip and  The Berryman's doing their own composition which I have played many a time as done by Herdman, Hills, and Mangsen.   My favorite version.   May you have a joyous holiday celebration and do please avoid confrontation and do keep your food down.   Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

THURSDAY---Another Edition of NOBODY ASKED ME BUT....

A flip of the fedora as always to JIMMY CANNON\


1)                You really have to go to see THE GOLDEN LAND now playing at The Baruch Ctr. For The Performing Arts under the auspices of The National Yiddish Theater.  You do not have to know Yiddish to truly enjoy this wonderful celebration with 6 performers playing myriad parts with wonderful music to boot.  It ends in December.  Best to catch it now.

2)                How great is it that Costco and other  retailers are now offering financial arrangements---mortgages, loans, etc; and do not have government oversight as the banking industry does (for all that good that has ever done)?    I suppose a Costco mortgage would require you to own at least 6 properties ===just like the cordless phones or toilet paper rolls the purvey.

3)                Hurricane Sandy is done but the damage remains.  We, who have power and amenities, should count our blessings and empathize with those unfortunate ones who are now without homes, heat, and shelter.   Do contribute to legitimate places that offer help to those in need.  We, who are not in need, should count our blessings and not curse a few days of, basically, inconvenience.

4)                A tip of the hat and a great thank you to the MTA.  I disagree, totally, with their insane fare and toll hikes but I commend them for restoring the services as quickly as they did.  Kudos!!

5)                The expenses in certain areas are truly out of line----this will take a moment—   I attended a local Town Board meeting on this subject as a Library Board Member (ex Pres.) yesterday
               a)The gist of many complaints was that why are not municipal employees contributing to their pension funs, their medical insurance, etc;  Why are they not taking pay cuts like so many?  I offer no opinion on that. I do offer the presentation of it.
6)  My interest and appearance there was for local Library purposes ( I am on the local board).   The Library has been cut 10% in its fund request for 2013.   Without going into lengthy detail let me just say, and the Town knows this, that it will not add even ONE CENT to the town budget since the Libraries of this town have naught to do with the Town Budget---they are a contractual agency separate from the Town.

7) But going back to The GOLDEN LAND---There was a scene wherein I thought that I bet they do not know the old joke about Sean Ferguson (that is the punchline) ---they did..   A whole segment about Ellis Island and, finally, the immigrant says (when asked his name) Shoyn Fergesen---hence, Sean Ferguson---I heard it years back about a golf game. 

8)  Do join me on SUNDAY  SIMCHA  next week when you will hear some more wonderful music for the upcoming holidays from the Idelsohn Society.  Some real surprises there--- do join me on TRADITIONS on Thanksgiving weekend for a special treat and also on Dec 9 and Dec 16 when we do some pre-holiday magic and some most memorable recordings of the year .

9)  May you all have a season of joy and not make it one of dashed expectations.  Take it the way it comes---like LIFE.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday and Nobody Asked Me But...

As always the flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon for this column---


1)            We will forego  the commentary this week due to all that bad weather and I am sure  we, in the telephone booth we share, will not be too upset about that.   We are a small group for sure.  A larger group if you are inclined to tell your friends and relatives.  But, if you are inclined you are slanted and that is of no help at all.

2)            One item that does need mentioning is the election.   

3)            You can decide what that last line should be.

4)            A few concert and misc. updates—
           Nov. 17   Acoustic Cafe     Park Ridge NJ Phil Ochs Song Night w/ an all star cast
          Nov. 18    Borderline Folk Music Club in New City NY (2 PM)  I will  be MCing that and am delighted to once agian meet and greet the wonderful Priscilla Herdman.

5) Playlists will be once again-weather permitting---- posted next week. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Having been remiss due to various weather events---and one is occurring right now---let me just make mention of 3 events that I do believe will be of great interest.  The price for each event is a fraction of what a show in NYC would cost but the enjoyment is not only on a par but will exceed you expectations--

PHIL OCHS SONG NIGHT---Acoustic Cafe  in Park Ridge, NJ  11/17 8PM
PRISCILLA HERDMAN----Borderline Folk Music Club, New City, NY  

I will be MCing the Borderline program.  Hope to see you at both. 

My hopes that all are well and recovered from the storms that have decimated many of us and that we, who are with power and amenities now once again appreciate what we have here and also feel and help those who have been devastated.  

Politically;  I am not only delighted that my candidate won but also that the other person was gracious and that our system surely beats any other when it comes to the passage of power ---to use the Caro book title.

Tomorrow it Thursday but given the weather events another Nobody Asked Me But...will have to wait.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Interim Message

As you can see there have been no Playlists published nor any other things   All due to the storm conditions and I will say I count my blessings in having certain difficulties but none of the magnitude of some other sad and unfortunate souls.

By next week the radio programs will be on track (hopefully) and all our lives will be the same (hopefully).   I hope you will be tuned in on 11/11 for both programs as we recall and some sad major events and also let you know of some wonderful concerts to relieve you of today's myriad problems.

Let me just tell you of the events here, briefly:

PHIL OCHS SONG NIGHT---Acoustic Cafe in Park Ridge NJ.  Nov. 17.  8 PM
PRISCILLA HERDMAN----Borderline Folk Music Club, New City NY Nov. 18  2PM

I hope to see you at both events---or at least one.  Let's say hello and, perhaps, chat a bit.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Thursday and another Nobody Asked Me...

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)              What a wonderful time of year autumn is.  Just too short for all the wonderful colors, farms with Mazes (like the play on Corn Maze (Maize).

2)              It was obvious that both candidates were staring at teleprompters for their closing statements.   Check their eyes as opposed to how the looked during the earlier segments.

3)              What is so rare as a day in June?  Probably most days in October in the Northeast and all those great but short lived colors.

4)              Obama Care---now that he has decided it he likes the term(good for him) may well be a great thing.   I just made an appointment with a doctor and the first question on the phone was about my insurance.  Without insurance you are screwed.   With it you just get your appointment.   We need a setup equal to Medicare.

5)              LBJ may well be a most under-rated Pres. given the sad events of Viet Nam.  Today we speak of national (local) issues and he was a leader in them all---Civil Rights and Medicare—to mention two.

6)              How the world changes always amazes me and it shouldn’t.   Be it our relations with China, Viet Nam, Germany, etc; Still I was intrigued by the article about the two combatants during the Cuban Missile Crisis that now live nearby=the U S person on L I and the Russian (Soviet) who moved to ---where else—Brooklyn.   Whole new world.

7)              In the “whole new world” department you have to wonder why Metro Cards expire.   Tokens never expired and neither did coins.  Sure they could melt if the heat was intense enough but that would mean Armagedon so who cares.

8)              Perhaps the MTA (in the NY area) should think of issuing passports for a fee since their tolls are making it impossible to traverse the area in an affordable way.  Passports are the way to go---divide and conquer by fees. 
9)              A delight to see the opening of the Roosevelt Island Park to honor FDR.  When last did we see a regal and commanding President?

10)       I do believe that you will find this Sunday’s broadcasts of both SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS interesting since on SS we have, not only a conversation with Zalmen Mlotek about his revival of The Golden Land and a, hopefully, enjoyable Comedy Corner for this pre-Halloween weekend and on Traditions we have some wonderful new material along with the features and a special Halloween treat.  Trust me---a rare treat by one of my old---very old---favorites.


Friday, October 12, 2012



1)            I am always awed by the multi-faceted talent of so many of the people I have met through the auspices of WFDU.   They have such talent and I am just a conduit and one of my interviewees kindly said to me—“...being a conduit requires a talent and is important or we stay in a dark cave...”

2)            I finally got to see the film “Margaret”.  It should surely win an award for obscurity, rambling, and over 2 hours of pretending to make some sort of a point which, in the end, is not made and was leaning toward the wrong one (if there even was one)

3)            My guilt trip is over when I tear up the unending mail from WNYC for fundraising.   I have donated but am disappointed in the waste of money in all these mailings.  With technology today they surely know who pledged.  I do love their slogan “...Never Turn It Off..”  Would they would do that with their mailings.

4)            I am having trouble in dealing with the numbers when the budget and the items are mentioned.   I was so surprised to hear that Foreign Aid was only a small fraction, that Medicaid was one of the larger ones, the military was way less than 40%, and---well, Big Bird and PBS were only 1/10 of 1% (but, hey, tabloids love headlines) so having a major candidate spew out this nonsense tells us more about him and reaching the Tabloid crowd (or as a novelist once put it---“The Great Unwashed”)

5)            The budget is, of course, an accountant’s dream of obscurity.   Better yet, a magician’s dream of prestidigitation given all the loopholes, changes of categories, and bifurcation that may be used.

6)            The “debates” are not, by definition, debates.  Yet, Biden/Ryan was pretty close and plaudits to the moderator for focusing and insisting on answers.

7)            When did VP candidates become so important?   Was it not Garner who said the Vice Presidency is not worth a bucket of spit (he actually said “piss”==ah, but we are puritanical”)?  Perhaps part of the problem is “W” and his weak and ill informed terms in office that allowed his VP to become the influential vile miscreant he always was. 

8)            One has to wonder what makes people on Facebook interested in certain topics.   It seems that many times items regarding minor health issues, spotting of a spotted yellow pretzel bending warbler (ok that is rare), or a bodily function gets more response than a topical comment regarding serious events.  Feel free not to not read further as I have a bodily function---will, surely, post it on Facebook

9)            Why is it that some people feel the need to pronounce their names in, seemingly, strange ways?  For example---James Levine (of the Met Opera)---LeVine,  the folks singing group The Levins—The LeVins.  By the way---I have played them on my show—“The Levins”.   I am thinking of promoting a talking rabbit---commonly known as Mr. RaBit.  Let us never forget the famous Sean Ferguson who got that name because at Ellis Island he said---“...Oich, Ich hab shoin vergesen..” when asked for his name.  Hence, Sean Ferguson---not the immigrant from the potato tsuris but from the pogroms of Russia.

10)    We have Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and very few others.   I do hope that we can be favored with some new topical comedians in times to come in the mode of the Richard Pryors, Robert Kleins, Lenny Bruces, Mort Sahls, Dick Gregorys,George Carlins, and many more as opposed to the “crap” one has to endure in the name of comedy by the likes of such as Tosh O (wherever he crawled out of and whoever thought of putting his “crap” on TV), most comics who do obscenity for shock effect and with no point and , dare I say,  most of the alleged comics on Comedy Central.

11)    I am part of a study with the Nathan Kline Institute for the causes of memory loss and Alzheimer’s  Disease.  On the positive side I am quite normal.  So, the above is valid and I stand by it----all of it.  I remembered to add that.   Shows you I am still there---check tomorrow for updates. If I can recall them.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday and Nobody Asked Me But.....

A flip of the fedora as always to Jimmy Cannon


1)             Rosh Hashonah is past but the piece in the NY Times about the Rabbi who encouraged people to “text” their thoughts (“texting” ---a new verb)  seems a bit over the top.  Here is a thought---cancel the service and “text” the Diety your thoughts---he is probably up to date and you don’t have to  sit through a boring prayer service.

2)             It is strange to have heard (before his well deserved down-fall) Rick Santorum’s comment about Pres. Obama’s “snobishness” since it was out of context (what else is new) and the humble Mr. Santorum graduated from Harvard---who needs college?  Right?

3)             I am glad to see the way Michael Oren is handling his ambasadorship.  What a delight to have had him on my program (Tabletalk)(WFDU) all those years back---and he spoke of his ideas---  just as he is pursuing them now---and his hero---Abba eban.  Admittedly, his tale of Eban and his involvement is the negotians with an earlier White House may influence his actions today.  In any case---an honor and a delight to have sat down with him. I do believe that you can catch him in conversation at certain synagogues (or JCCs) that telecast the proceedings from the 92St Y “Conversation” series.

4)             Irving Cohen died at age 95 and I loved part of his obit in the NY Times----longest serving Maitre D’ at the Concord (over 60 or so years—they closed) but I truly enjoyed the story of a husband threatening to sue the hotel because his wife choked on a tag from a Kosher chicken that had not been removed---he quickly got the name of the person and announced a winner for the contest to find the tag on the chicken with a Champagne bottle as a prize.   That alone should inscribe in the name of the great “tumlers”.

5)             One does have to keep current.   Do I believe that Romney won the debate?   Since it was not what is truly defined a debate but, rather, a multiperson interview I would say that there really is no winner.  That said, I add that his stage presence was excellent, his teflon like presentation was excellent and, surprisingly, Pres. Obama did not rise to the occasion with his usual public persona on the campaign trail.

6)             Television has certainly changed our views of debates or confrontations on a given subject.  Going back to Nixon/Kennedy it seems that “image” is what counts and, admittedly,  Romney’s image truly surpassed anything from before.   Substance.  That is a whole different topic and, hopefully, Pres. Obama can finally expound on that subject as the professor he comes across as. Yes,  he is not what we all expected but he is a lot more than what we had.  Mr. Romney is someone I would trust as far as my broker when he says he is thinking of my financial best interests and not his commissions.

7)             On the celebrity beat I am delighted that Seth McFarlane is going to host the Academy Awards.   This might make me actually stay tuned in for more than 30 minutes---and I do expect to hear Stewie and Brian give some salient commentary.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of----

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)                I wonder if it is age or that people are getting less civil.  Why would a person ask another player in a tennis game to leave because a better player came along ( in the middle of a game)?  The person did not leave, the better player would not have it and joined us.  Bravo for civility and manners.  Interestingly, the discourteous fellow wrote a book (which he sold me--I have a tough time saying "no") about his  wonderful life in America (he is an emigre).  The book was unreadable and I suppose he thought that Americans are crass.  While it is not in the library I did donate it to the paper recycling program.

2)                 That was a nice interview on WNYC w/ Lenny Lopate (I believe) where an economist pointed out—among other things---that some years back a CEO earned about 30 times that of a worker.  Now the ratio is 650 to 1.   It does say something about the values we place on work and “pomp and circumstance”.  The interview was much deeper than that.

3)                What a wonderful finale to the U S Open (Tennis) this year.  Federer made things look easy but Murray and Djokovek did not and I still cannot fathom how the human body can take the punishment.  Bravo to both and cheers for Murray (my favorite in this)

4)                Sorry to read the reviews for “Chaplin” since I do know the musical arranger.  He has done some great work on things like Spamalot, Book of Mormon among others.  

5)                One does not have to be a conservative fanatic, right wing believer, or plain old Liberal to truly say that enough is enough with the outrageous reactions of the “great unwashed” (to quote from an old novel) to people indulging themselves in their rights of speech—which they translate to murder.  Pres. Obama never apologized,  Secty. Clinton laid it on the line, and Romney keeps trying to make political hay with his fictions---presented in the most boring way.

6)                Demographics and I do not seem compatible.   I wonder why the TV news spends so much time on Baseball and Football and just a slight nod (timewise) to tennis.  The answer I believe is—demographics.  Recently I heard some people in a barber shop talking of how boring tennis is---the owner is a wonderful player.  Baseball is the true, to me, definition of boredom.

7)                Why is it that the BritComs, the Sitcoms, and the Law & Orders (not to mention Homicide) of yore are still better than anything done today?   Surely that must have something to do with the writers and the network’s focus on “crap”.

8)                A shame when a good restaurant gets sold and the new mgmt. makes some great physical improvements and then raises the prices and serves lousy food and stale bread (an Italian restaurant).   A disappointing lunch with a great view.   I am still digesting the view and hoping the food does the same painlessly.

9)                I wish I could be at The Acoustic Cafe on Sept. 23 for what promises to be a terrific show with Brother Sun---2 PM

10)        There is now an iPhone 5 (probably another one due in about 20 minutes) that is considered a “smart phone”.  I have a dumb phone---it just makes phone calls. 

11)        But while thinking to myself how so many folks at that restaurant were with companions and each one is staring at their “smart phones” and not each other or even speaking I got up to leave and a lady ran right into me because she was busy staring down on her phone and writing (texting---new word).  Glad she was not driving.