Friday, October 12, 2012



1)            I am always awed by the multi-faceted talent of so many of the people I have met through the auspices of WFDU.   They have such talent and I am just a conduit and one of my interviewees kindly said to me—“...being a conduit requires a talent and is important or we stay in a dark cave...”

2)            I finally got to see the film “Margaret”.  It should surely win an award for obscurity, rambling, and over 2 hours of pretending to make some sort of a point which, in the end, is not made and was leaning toward the wrong one (if there even was one)

3)            My guilt trip is over when I tear up the unending mail from WNYC for fundraising.   I have donated but am disappointed in the waste of money in all these mailings.  With technology today they surely know who pledged.  I do love their slogan “...Never Turn It Off..”  Would they would do that with their mailings.

4)            I am having trouble in dealing with the numbers when the budget and the items are mentioned.   I was so surprised to hear that Foreign Aid was only a small fraction, that Medicaid was one of the larger ones, the military was way less than 40%, and---well, Big Bird and PBS were only 1/10 of 1% (but, hey, tabloids love headlines) so having a major candidate spew out this nonsense tells us more about him and reaching the Tabloid crowd (or as a novelist once put it---“The Great Unwashed”)

5)            The budget is, of course, an accountant’s dream of obscurity.   Better yet, a magician’s dream of prestidigitation given all the loopholes, changes of categories, and bifurcation that may be used.

6)            The “debates” are not, by definition, debates.  Yet, Biden/Ryan was pretty close and plaudits to the moderator for focusing and insisting on answers.

7)            When did VP candidates become so important?   Was it not Garner who said the Vice Presidency is not worth a bucket of spit (he actually said “piss”==ah, but we are puritanical”)?  Perhaps part of the problem is “W” and his weak and ill informed terms in office that allowed his VP to become the influential vile miscreant he always was. 

8)            One has to wonder what makes people on Facebook interested in certain topics.   It seems that many times items regarding minor health issues, spotting of a spotted yellow pretzel bending warbler (ok that is rare), or a bodily function gets more response than a topical comment regarding serious events.  Feel free not to not read further as I have a bodily function---will, surely, post it on Facebook

9)            Why is it that some people feel the need to pronounce their names in, seemingly, strange ways?  For example---James Levine (of the Met Opera)---LeVine,  the folks singing group The Levins—The LeVins.  By the way---I have played them on my show—“The Levins”.   I am thinking of promoting a talking rabbit---commonly known as Mr. RaBit.  Let us never forget the famous Sean Ferguson who got that name because at Ellis Island he said---“...Oich, Ich hab shoin vergesen..” when asked for his name.  Hence, Sean Ferguson---not the immigrant from the potato tsuris but from the pogroms of Russia.

10)    We have Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and very few others.   I do hope that we can be favored with some new topical comedians in times to come in the mode of the Richard Pryors, Robert Kleins, Lenny Bruces, Mort Sahls, Dick Gregorys,George Carlins, and many more as opposed to the “crap” one has to endure in the name of comedy by the likes of such as Tosh O (wherever he crawled out of and whoever thought of putting his “crap” on TV), most comics who do obscenity for shock effect and with no point and , dare I say,  most of the alleged comics on Comedy Central.

11)    I am part of a study with the Nathan Kline Institute for the causes of memory loss and Alzheimer’s  Disease.  On the positive side I am quite normal.  So, the above is valid and I stand by it----all of it.  I remembered to add that.   Shows you I am still there---check tomorrow for updates. If I can recall them.


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