Thursday, July 28, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1) You will not want to miss the August 7 TRADITIONS program on WFDU when my guest is the most amazing talent and conversationalist you will find in many a moon. Her name---well, listen to the show.

2) How many of us of a certain age recall places like Lafayette Electronics where you could purchase replacement parts for items? Even the late lamented Circuit City sold open box items to be used as replacement parts. No way today---Target had all kinds of broken floor samples and would not part with one---that is the policy---sure---buy a new unit when they will be throwing out their junk anyway.

3) On the lighter side one has to wonder why a store like Best Buy (and is it really) has a whole section devoted to a particular item for demonstration and each and every one has a dead battery so you cannot demo it. Sounds like a great PR plan to me. Hope for the best.

4) Is it possible that all religions are peopled buy folks that can interpret the will of whatever deity they believe in--- Jews interpret laws to satisfy their benefits, Catholics as well---and, I suppose, they all do that. So, if there really is this omnipresent divinity who or which is all knowing---how does a mere mortal decide what that entity is deciding. Does not seem Kosher---or Halal—or whatever .

5) There seem to be some sort of inverse ratio to the amount of TV channels that are available and the dearth of any decent content. When there were just about 7 or so channels you really had quality---you recall the stone age of TV.

6) California was thinking of banning circumcision and if the law were to pass violating it would be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine if $1,000. Wow---that is one expensive cut of meat---the courts threw out the ballot proposition.

7) If I raise my own debt ceiling it seems like a good idea to also lower the payment floor.

8) If one pays in to Social Security and Medicare and then collects on it when the time comes I do believe that is not a “governmental handout”. It is a social contract bought and paid for. The tax loopholes for the wealthy, the corporations, the medical insurance and non-contributory pensions (and all the paid vacation time and junket time) for the allegedly hard working politicos is a governmental handout. Time to get the facts straight.