Thursday, April 14, 2011


A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

1)       I do hope you will be joining me on both SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS this weekend---Passover celebration and an amazing Comedy Corner on SIMCHA.  TRADITIONS has a few surprises, commemorations and, of course, the favorite features---and we are going to end it with something very special---well, to me and, hopefully, for you as well.   If you are not there I get lonely.

2)       Mike Burstyn is back in his wonderful role as Hershele Ostropolyer in The Adventures of Hershele  Ostropolyer in a limited run –May 15-June 26.  In Yiddish with English Supertitles---having seen it I can say DO NOT MISS THIS---it is a tour de force for him and the rest of the cast.   Here is a shot of Mike as the lead character---
3)       Maureen Dowd really hits nails on their heads in telling “it” like “it” is.  No beating around bushes for her.

4)       “At the end of the day”---an expression that I am still trying to understand since every talking head uses it over and over again.  If, everything is resolved or decided at the end of the day then what the hell were they doing the rest of the day?   Having an expensive lunch and thinking of “the end of the day”?

5)       Here is idealism for you---a man received a 50.00 ticket via traffic camera and is fighting it.  His legal expenses are well over 500.00 and if he wins he gets back his 50.00.  Idealism personified ---or plain old stubborn.   His claim that the yellow light does not stay yellow long enough to react to it.   Good point!.

6)       If you are amongst those who admire Hamlet it would be nice to know which interpretation of The Soliloquy you felt had the most meaning---I was surprised to find (while scouring You Tube) one that surprised me. Not Branagh or Olivier good as they are.  See if you know who it is---hint---someone I and many others surely find offensive---but talent can surprise one.

7)       Donald Trump may well be endorsed, at some point, by The Bad Hair Weaving Institute of America. They know a winner with bad hair when they see one---the slogan “Bad Hair to go with Bad Ideas”. And a personality to boot.

8)       You have to hand it to police unions---they just gave an “officer of the year” award to the cop who shot and killed that Pace student---and this is still in the courts.  Oh---get thee behind me Satan, I’m a Union Man.

9)       You have to read about Bill Clinton’s views of the “new” (and Bloombergized and Disneyfied) Times Square---that is why he is a great politician and sowed his wild oats in Arkansas (and, probably in Times Square of yore).
   10)   Years ago there was a play in NY and in LA in          which you went from room to room following a character you wanted to follow---disjointed for sure.  Now there is a wordless version of Macbeth done in the same way which presents a few problems to me----Shakespeare was about words---not about bloody nudity in bath-tubs.  He was also about a central plot and not a melange of paying voyeurs chasing from room to room and at some point seeing a power hungry naked Lady M with that believing mate also in his birthday suit.  

 For poetry as a review (from reading of it) I would utter this---“ many defecatory moments can   theater offer/let me count the ways..”