Thursday, June 2, 2011

THURSDAY --Another Edition of.....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)            Sometimes it is nice to start with some positive nostalgia and some thanks for people and places that have truly proved to be, as the songs says, “...stops along the way..”.   WFDU is the first to be named for allowing and supporting my type of programming whether it be “folk” or “Yiddishkeit”---which they suggested.   Ron Olesko has surely to be thanked for introducing me to the station and to asking for my participation.  Jerry Treacy, also of WFDU, for his friendship and interest.  Now if I knew “hyperlinking” we could “hyperlink” these names----Christine Vitale, Bob Westphal, Marc Copeland, Rich Sibello, and leaving out the names of those that have made WFDU a truly memorable moment in the ---stops along the way.

2)            The biggest bargain for a musical show---and a good one—is for The Adventures of Hershele Ostrapolyer with Mike Burstyn.  It ends this run on June 26 at the Baruch PAC ( ) and is equal to the likes of Fiddler and other great musical moments.  Think---The Sting in Yiddish set to music.

3)            Many years ago the creator of Homicide---Life on the Streets received a McArthur genius award and it was a good choice.  Wonderful drama that you can still view on Centric/TV.   Strange to now see the cast in so many different roles---Melissa Leo---Academy Award Winner, Andre Braugher---an amazing variety of dramatic roles on stage and screen, Reed Diamond—So many TV/film roles, and last but not least, Richard Belzer---what can you say.  The program was everything that Law and Order (in later years) was not.

4)            Who says that idealism and politicism are contradictions in terms?   Mubarack was what he was---and supported U S policy and the new regime may or may not support U S policy but still stifles free speech.  Has anything really changed?

5)            How is it that some “blogs” have thousands/millions if readers and I have you as we sit and chat in our undersized telephone booth?   As to telephone booths.   Another anachronism---you can always get this on your smart phone---which is, probably, smart enough to not have an app for this.  My problem.

6)            Mr. Blagojevich is one again on trial in Illinois---his hair goes on trial in another courtroom at another time to answer to charges of “teasing”

7)             Does anyone seem less “Presidential” than either Trump or Palin?   These in a nation that had the likes of FDR, HST, Wilson, and, yes, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and, of course,  Mr. A. Lincoln.  We won’t even mention the earliest presidential acting people.

8)            The release of the wonderful 6 DVD set of The Work of Ernie Kovacs truly shows what a comic and innovative genius he was.  As to trivia queries---who knows the identity of at least one of The Nairobi Three?

9)             In the “who is so stupid department” the local Shoprite had 2 very expensive beers on sale—just one bottle of each.  One was priced at $150.00 and it went.  The name of the beer was “Sink The Bismarck”.  I wonder if the buyer knows that this was a song and the whole thing a piece of perfect promotion to idiots.
10)   I have about 400 yards of shoreline measuring tape for sale along with 1 set of keys for the oar locks that can be used to measure that shore line.  Interested parties can contact 1-800-478-8743 (check the spelling of those numbers on your keypad).