Friday, April 13, 2007

Program Notes and Reminders

Sunday Simcha: You can scroll down a bit and find out more about the hour that will be spent with a commemoration of Yom Hashoah on Sunday April 15. I do believe you will find it interesting, meaningful, and, hopefully, touching.

Traditions: On April 22 I welcome Deborah Holland to the studio. Deborah, from the left side of the country---as WFDU is the left side of the dial---has visited us some 5 years ago. I am happy to welcome her once again to WFDU and TRADITIONS in her latest foray to the coast of the earlier time.

Her new album

Bad Girl Once....Good Girl Now

will be featured as well as her upcoming appearances in our area. Deborah Holland , you may recall, has had a few other CDs that have been aired here. Traditional music and music of the depression. The CDs are Book of Survival and The Panic Is On.

The rest of the program will be taken up by some of the topics that have been relevant, musically, these past few weeks and also some old favorites along with some new people of great interest.

Sunday Simcha: After our Yom Hashoah program, which can read about below, we follow with an introduction to some new artists and some old favorites. As to new artists. Well, for this program at least we have a CD by Mare Winningham
Mare, who, as you may know is an actress who has had many Emmy awards, a nomination for the Oscars (St. Elmos Fire) and other bona fides has converted to Judaism. Conservative Judaism. You can find out more about her on her website and also on Wikipidia. Her CD has to do with her commitment to her new found faith. She was formerly a Roman Catholic but felt that being Agnostic was not her final destination and then searched for more meaning. She, apparently, found it in Judaism. This gives us a new CD which captures her strong feelings.

My very brief review of this CD is that it is very good save for one overly simplistic song---The Converts Reel. As to why it ends with Hatikvah--who knows.

Finally a review that says something positive along with the negative.

It will be featured on the April 22 airing of Sunday Simcha.

TABLETALK: In May we are delighted to welcome the Israeli author Eva Hatzion-Halevy to the program. Her new book The Story of Hannah will be of interest all. Dealing with interfaith marriage, tolerance, and understanding of outsiders (to a community) is something that is current and should be heard in these times.