Wednesday, July 14, 2010

THURSDAY---Another Edition of .......

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)      A simple rule for electronic work on your audio items---it is like sex.  For every “in” there is and “out”.   Thanks to a Cablevision rep for that bit of knowledge.

2)      The P A announcer of the NY Yankees died at age 99 and I am still wondering why all the fuss---a long, full life and he was a P A announcer---not a commentator of note.  Coincidently Geo. Steinbrenner passed on too.  This will allow him to keep hearing the announcements at whatever locale they will be residing in. 
            The NY Times had it right---while the tabloids focused on the sensational they editorialized—correctly---he was not the owner we wanted but perhaps the owner that was deserved.

3)      The new CD that Appleseed recordings has released featuring Pete Seeger (and many others of note) with children of the Beacon Schools area (note I did not say district---read the liner notes to find out why----or listen to my next broadcast) is just a marvel---plaudits to David Bernz and Dan Einbender for their production.

4)      Since we were speaking of children one has to wonder why people in NYC have to go into “hock” to move into areas where they feel their is a good public school (and the zones are not guaranteed) when there was a time when ALL the schools were first rate.

5)      Perhaps there is a trade-off---suburban living and good schools (in general) or NYC living and children with more self sufficiency and a few very prestigious high schools.

6)      The best things in life are free but I bet you cannot make people who buy $150.00 (or 10x that) seats to a stadium concert believe that---they are sure that is the best thing in life.   Live Nation agrees.

7)      Tennis is not really an elitist sport anymore.  You realize that when you attend a major league baseball game and want a drink or food---after the ticket price.

8)      The more I re-visit older recordings by topical singers (Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Malvina Reynolds, Ernie Marrs, etc;) the more I see how prescient they were and are.

9)      I can really empathize with Woody Allen’s Danny Rose and his relationship to former clients.  

10)                    Tuli Kupferberg died and a lot less note was made of it than of “The Boss” and “The Announcer”---surely there is a happy medium known as moderation in things.  At least Kupferberg will be memorialized (briefly) on WFDU’s TRADITIONS---not so the others.

11)                     Does “big” mean better?   Perhaps it was a bubble but smaller homes in the 1950s and 1960’s and reasonably affordable apartments combined with an easier life style until McMansions came along and forget about keeping up the “Jones”—they have to be surpassed---at all costs.   The builders are smart---and they are not named Jones.

12)                    Having read about the tragic events in Gaza and a human interest sidelight I have to ask—given the sidelight---why a woman, 28 years of age, (and, of course, dear unemployed hubby) have 8 children.  Hubby needs work---he is much too busy at home.  Sympathy not needed.