Monday, January 28, 2008


First of all we start with the THANKS. Getting the ball rolling a few pledges for SUNDAY SIMCHA have arrived via e mail---the address is in a post listed below. SO---thanks. TRADITIONS listeners---we surely can use your support as well and that address is listed below. TABLETALK listener(s) you too could be in good company---and---anyone pledging via e mail will receive in addition to any of the premiums that are being offered (just e mail me about them) an Internet Valentine created by yours truly that is in sound and ably abetted by BROTHER THEODORE from the brilliant documentary TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN. That film and the film-maker are the topics of the Feb. 10 edition of TABLETALK and the film can be seen at MoMa on Feb 13---the debut. Perfect for Valentine's day.

Check the various e mail addresses below.

I could give you a litany of reasons to pledge to the station. The obvious ones about maintaining equipment, upgrading the latest in technology (which seems to come faster and faster), and the fact that all the on-air people are unpaid which means that we all donate our time and effort in a labor of love so that there is an alternative on the radio dial to the--leave the rest unsaid--.

An idea of what you have done with your pledging in previous years:

A shot of GATHERING TIME as they appeared with me in the new performance Studio--Studio "C". The Atomic Underground which is really above ground. Thank heavens.

I thank them and also Margot Leverett and The Klezmer Mountain Boys for coming by for two of my programs---SUNDAY SIMCHA for Margot and TRADITIONS for GATHERING TIME. I also thank them for their nice comments on the various websites. As NOEL PAUL STOOKEY said in our interview with regard to meeting the most interesting people because of Folk Music---"...hey bill, I don't want to gild your Lily but..." (I like my like my Lily gilded--I told him) I want to gild all those lily's of the great people who give us the gift of their great talent.

On another topic---Tennis. This is not the spot for it and it is also a bit political. Why not scoot over to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER (link on the right of the page) we can talk about it there.

Hope to hear from you with regard to keeping our radio family growing and celebrating many years of programming together.