Thursday, February 3, 2011

THURSDAY---Another Edition of...........

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

1)          Eric Bogle has it right in “Silly Slang Song” (if you want to hear it again just e mail me to play it) the language has been bolly woggled and changed---do you remember when “friends” were friends and not virtual things on Facebook---those are acquaintances ---and “virtual” ones at that.  So, what will be the new term for “friend”---the real deal that is.

2)          The Founding Fathers were not saints but they sure got things right and, perhaps, we should let other people have “Founding Fathers” even if they are not very nice dads.  Their choice---not ours.  If only corporate interests stay out of the way it could work---globalization does have a negative side—or better yet---sides

3)          Andre Braugher is in a new play and, while not having seen it yet, I would recommend it because of the subject and Andre B.  

4)          The internet does open up opportunities for communication that did not exist. SO---anyone needing a wonderful Cantor for High Holyday services—seriously---I know of one who would be interested---just e mail me:

5)          Icicles are getting bigger, patience is wearing thin,  the world is going to hell in a wheelbarrow, and I, having cabin fever now, and thinking the past life seemed a lot simpler and, damn it, I guess it was not.

6)          Have you ever wondered how and why (NYC Police excluded here) the Police in suburban areas that have less risk than Metropolitan areas are paid the high salaries and the great pensions?   One cop in a car with not much to do and (an area I know of) retires with a 300,000 pension.  My mother would have been proud---“my son the cop”---beats “my son the doctor” and nothing to really learn—other than how to beat a system.

7)          Even though I stopped smoking over 19 years ago but I think this banning of smoking in parks, beaches, etc; is really over the top.  Whatever happened to freedom of choice, taxes a person paid supports the parks, etc;---and, of course, taxes paid to buy that pack of cigarettes?   Maybe cars should be banned from “Parkways”—they pollute and for some strange reason a “highway” is called a “PARKway”. 

8)           The weather has been truly lousy this winter but the newscasts on TV spend more time with pictures of people complaining as they shovel and less time with a revolution going on in the Middle East.   I guess they are waiting for a scoop (not of ice) if the snow starts to fight back.  Smart move!