Thursday, January 19, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............

A flip of the fedora to JIMMY CANNON


1)   The obvious question is if one ever thought history would repeat itself when looking at the tragedy of the Italian cruise ship.   Well, it did not really repeat itself since the Captain of The Titanic did stay on board and kept command and not doing show-off maneuvers in this age of pre-programmed routes.

2)  It amazes me to find that when one goes on a cruise the ship is not staffed by nationals of the country of origin---except for the Captain (lucky you).  Most crew members, who are now suffering, are from India, the Philipines, and other nations ---not Italy.   Did they really expect untrained waiters to man and command lifeboats?  

3) Before leaving the subject I do have to say that there was a time when professionals ran ships and planes (and railroads---Casey Jones included---he did his best) in the manner of, say, Pan American World Airways (the full name) with their Clippers and professional staff (and they were not all spies and hookers as TV would have you believe).

4)   Whatever happened to “debates” as opposed to “political road shows”?  The Republicans are truly boring and worse than a bad sit-com---which is pretty hard to do.

5)   Newt is one card short of a full deck since diplomacy is not his strong suite.  Rick S. tells it like it is but not the way it should be. Mitt is the one person that looks presidential if he keeps his make-up properly maintained and spoke less. Ron Paul can pull the wool over the eyes of those youngsters who really think that that was the way it all was.
6)  Pres.Obama has to be mentioned and it has to be said that the GOP seems to forget that we actually have a pragmatist, and idealist, and, whatever faults he may have, a person who seems to have kept most of his promises.   That includes the unfulfilled ones of W and the salvaging of whatever disasters were foisted upon him from the previous, alleged, administration.

7)     When it comes to idiots--- never argue with them because you will get down to their level and they will beat you with their much broader experience in stupidity.  

8)   It seems to me that films that don’t require special effects and graphics but just a good story line and good acting are far superior to all the gimmicky products.  The Descendants comes to mind even though I did not feel Geo. Clooney should have received a best actor award.  DeCaprio deserved that for J. Edgar even though I, surely, did not deserve—nor receive --- a best film award.

9)   Have you ever wondered why some spouses die in such a short time after the demise of their partners?   I wonder what the statistics are.

10)                Since there is a commentary in the bible---somewhere---about ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and so on why do some faiths preclude cremation---instant dust.  Perfect.  They know how to handle these things by the River Ganges.  If you love rivers grab a ticket to ride and get there.