Monday, July 6, 2009

July 12 Programming and Some Other Thoughts

Let us start with TRADITIONS:
On July 12 you will be hearing some brand new recordings by, among others, Carolyn Hester (more about that lovely lady on the program), Some Fiddle and Violin virtuosi with custom made instruments, and a few interesting topics---Michael Jackson for one --without him---as said years ago on That Was The Week That Was about General Franco---"...gee, he is still dead."---The Banks as compared to Bernie Madoff (what an appropriate name), and, of course some truly interesting story songs----oh, yes, a tip of the hat to the late Secty of Defense---McNammara---a very appropriate and meaningful piece of music. Much more---including, if you feel it is of great importance---ticket giveaways for Falcon Ridge Folk Festival----and also some CDs. Here I thought I was like Sally Field and you just ---" me---oh you like me".
OH YES!---One more thing Trains and how they are disappearing---which leads me to a thought about my early days at summer camp===see below or go to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER on the right side of the page.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: On July 12 we have a brand new show for you and it features some requests and a lot of "Yiddishkeit". On July 19 we leave the Yiddishkeit a bit and focus on a brilliant new album from the same folks who gave you Dancing on The Edge of A Volcano---Cabaret Music before World War 2 from the Jewish perspective---along with a few surprise artists that should grab you.

FINALLY: Click on the right side of this page to reach The Almost Daily Rooster. You will find some pictures and thoughts about summer camps and very little about trains. Someday we can discuss the values of different types of summer camps and the related costs---awesome. Now! Then---probably but not as bad.