Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The thanks have to go to our wonderful performers---MODERN MAN for the, as always, great program they put on at the Orangeburg, NY Library this past Sunday afternoon.

Of all the programs we have offered so far this program was, by far, the best received and, frankly, the warmth flowing between the performers and the audience was palpable.

Seems like the old saw--or song--that says "...the best things in life are free" is correct since the show was free to the attendees. Hell, we did not even have to offer discounts at that price.

Check the videos on this page and also on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER to get a small feel of what their program is all about. These videos are not from this concert but from some fans that posted them on You Tube---no privacy left. What a world. And they were supposed to turn off cell phones.

Finally a heads up for TRADITIONS this Sunday (4/20). Besides some wonderful new material that has come in we will be having some themes of interest--from Passover (w/ Kim & Reggie Harris and Rabbi Jonathon Kligler), our story songs revisited in a different way and also a brief tip of the hat (via old 78s) to the Dave Miller Show of the 1950s on WPAT---you know--"the thrills of the hills, the tops in pops, and the best of the west".

SUNDAY SIMCHA will commemorate Passover with you with so many versions of Dayenu that you can truly say---"It would have been enough"---or is it "Enough Already"