Thursday, March 31, 2011

THURSDAY---Another Edition of...........

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)           You have to wonder about getting involved in uprisings when it isn’t knows who the participants are---or what they stand for.  There might have been a time when it was thought the maniacal Colonel was a good one to back---and, as it is said in that area, so it shall be=---praise to whoever.

2)            The crises that keep arising made me take note of some of the subtle changes in prices---forget gasoline.   The oil problems amongst others have really had an impact on the grocery items---higher prices or smaller sized packages. 

3)           Geraldine Ferraro will surely be missed and let us never forget—to put it plainly---she was bright, on point, and everything that Sarah Palin, who inherited her groundbreaking achievements, is not.

4)            Science has now found that “cavities” in teeth can be transmitted from one to another by kissing.  So---stay away from the person with the bad teeth and bad breath---find a breath alert monitor—if there is such a thing. 

5)           What an amazing thing---no one dies.  Well, they don’t on You Tube as we slowly move away from reality and real time.  Check out a great comic—deceased—Dennis Wolfberg. You can also see a clip on my blog.

6)           This whole Internet and You Tube thing is playing havoc with seances---messages from the dead just keep on coming—provided they had a video-cam.

7)           A complimentary comment or two for the hosts at WFDU is called for.  As Si Kahn said to me that “ is a wonderful thing that there is such a station on the dial since it gets people and music to people who not otherwise hear it anywhere else.”  While he was speaking of me and TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA I can assure you that most every host of a program on WFDU is well versed and knowledgeable in what is presented---and presented in a most entertaining way.  As I like to say on SUNDAY SIMCHA---the “Eclectic Weekend Sound” of WFDU even though the rest of the week is just as eclectic---and I did say “most” –nothing is ever “all”

8)           This coming SUNDAY SIMCHA is not to be missed-----The creators of the very special Passover Program starring Tovah Feldshuh (and an all star cast) will be my guests. We follow with the extended Comedy Corner (THE CAPITOL STEPS) April Fools Edition---exclusive to this program in the NY NJ CT area.  Do not miss the Bill Clinton segment---even though it is all riotous.

9)           How is it that this country had Founding Fathers but so many others had overthrown monarchs or coups by maniacal dictators.  Could there be a semantic or cultural divide here?

10)            Did any nation have founding mothers?