Thursday, August 20, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of:

And the weekly tip of the hat to Jimmy Cannon


1) It is obscene that NY State legislators are able to “retire” for one day and then go back to their jobs and collect then the salary AND a full pension.

2) Seems like NJ has illegal issues and NY has illegal issues done legally and getting the same result.

3) It was nice to see Mad Men back on the tube and seeing my wardrobe in fashion again—along with the decor.

4) Some great things in NYC are free---like the qualifying rounds at the U S Open

5) Does the notoriety of the hostage and situation determine the fame of the person designated to “free” him/her?

6) Seems like there is more news on Comedy Central late news programs than the local network ones---unless you just like see fires and accidents and poorly dressed weather people.

7) The latter part of the summer season seems to be the pre-cursor to some interesting new material coming in over the transom for the radio programs----Joel Mabus, Jonathan Edwards, Jakobs Hollow and more for TRADITIONS--- Beyond The Pale, Susan Colin, Susan McKeown/Lorin Sklamberg and more for SUNDAY SIMCHA.

8) It would have been so nice if Mocca, the Hungarian restaurant in NYC had not closed a while back. I still miss that good home cooking and a full meal for $13.95 and a waitress that always sounded like your mother.

9) V.A. medical care is all well and good---unless you need medication promptly. After all the tests, scheduling appointments with a doctor who goes by a computer script, and having medicine mailed to you at a future date you have either recovered or went to meet some fellow veterans behind the pearly gates.

10) In all aspects of life you get what you pay for and, hopefully, you can pay.

11) I am still waiting to see Yoo Hoo Mrs. Goldberg which will have to be when it comes out on DVD---or PBS does a special fund-raiser.

12) I still like a full length CD instead of the individual downloads for modern reasons as opposed to the step back to the days of 78s and individual songs.

13) Why is it that so many of the greatest artists die at such young ages---does creativity cause mental and health problems?

14) Woodstock is commemorated at 40—when did 40 become the new 50 or 75 and how come no one (except NPR) mentioned the other festival in Central Park that wknd. Billed as the Black Woodstock?

15) The DVD of The Zion Canyon Song Cycle is really something not to be missed.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Thoughts on the neglected by me --THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER

Just briefly so as not to distract from this site---go to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER . Some interesting sidelights and recommendations---musical and otherwise. You can also click on the right side of this page but the above is my attempt to make your lives so much easier---it does not make me a saint.

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