Saturday, December 15, 2007


I guess this has grabbed your attention---it is also the poser in the title. My caption for this shot would be "...before the exorcism". Perhaps you can actually tell me what is happening in this shot. If you can and you are the first one to e mail me ( it is time stamped) at you will receive a randomly selected CD. If, on the other hand (where there are 5 fingers) you e mail you will receive a Jewish oriented CD.

Credit for this picture goes to one John Sanders. He is a talented voice-over artist, former program host on WFDU, and also, when on traffic television is known as Lane Closure. Which brings me to a great story that Mr. Sanders does with great timing----I related a tale to him of a former news-caster at WFDU who, while being a real intellect, dressed in a most shabby way. One day, aside from torn pants, worn shoes lacking shoelaces, and other such things he was holding his pants up with a rope as a belt. Mr. Sanders said to me :

"what color is the belt"

My response:

"hemp color--rope color--what did you think?"



"Damn---I gave him a beautiful blue rope for Christmas".

OK--you have the question. For a CD let us see if you know the answer. A non-musical query. Next time we'll do a musical one---and congratulations to the winner of the CD about Hank Williams other persona---Luke The Drifter.

A few program updates now:

SUNDAY SIMCHA: The year is rapidly drawing to a close. For a program like Sunday Simcha I guess it has to be added I am not talking of Rosh Hashonah. If you e mail me ( ) requests for artists or pieces you heard on the program I will do an all request program on the first Sunday in January,2008 ---you know BCE.

Stay tuned for announcements as to when we will do a special featuring Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys. It will take place either at the end of January or early March---since in February you will have to help to keep "Yiddishkeit on the air". If you have a better slogan we can use let me know---but, most importantly, let us keep Yiddishkeit on the air and that will, in February require your help. I am doing my best and WFDU has obligations--so---we have to carry our share of the load. As Bluegrass, Country, and all the other genres do. So--let us show that Yiddishkeit is right up there with the loyalists---and there are many---to the above genres. Even Folksbiene does its best to keep tradition alive---and they are succeeding---let us succeed. Together.
Menasha Skulnik and Richard Whorf (not Jerry Ohrbach)

TRADITIONS: On December 30 Ron Olesko and I will be presenting the 10 recordings that really impressed us this year. That is not to say that this is going to be 10 best since we both had overlapping ones and also had more than the 20 between us that there was time for.

Additionally, it has to be said, that TRADITIONS is about more than the newest things to come down the pike. They are important but we never want to forget from whence this all derives.

TABLETALK: On the right you see some videos of THEODORE. To the later entrants into the Theodore Cult---BROTHER THEODORE. The film maker who has just finished a bio/documentary on this performance artist and intellect will be my guest in January. Stay Tuned! We will also find out why the film is entitled--- TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN. It will have its debut performance at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in February.

On the subject of debuts. I am delighted that TABLETALK was able to introduce authors and other artists to you this year prior to being taken on by the mainstream or larger media. The author of DOUGH comes to mind. Some time back others come to mind---Daniel Silva, Michael Oren, Liz Swados, The Siegels, and so many more.

My thanks to them all for their presence and their insight and talent.

Getting to the end of the year a few more thanks are in order--

WFDU and all the people there. For the freedom of expression an creativity that only this station allows its staff in the pursuit of ---to steal a phrase from Paul Bain's Let There Be Country---Radio as radio should be.

Paul Bain---we wish him well and comfort in his trials and tribulations

To the support people who keep all things in such shape so as we on-air people can present programs with ease.

To the audience that supports this station so that we are truly in a 21st century mode with equipment. Many artists that have visited and commented on how impressed they are with the facility compared to others they visit.

To Major Armstrong. He built a really nice tower---among a lot of other things. (An Aside---new play on Bway--The Farnsworth Invention---Gen. Sarnoff of RCA tried to steal that patent along with that of Major Armstrong's FM invention) So---we thank Major Armstrong for FM radio.