Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Random and Ill Advised Brain Doppings

Having just come back from seeing an amazing talent on the stage performing a one person (OK woman) show she created, performs in, and does it in one hour (no intermission), creates all the characters, the dialects I am just blown away by it.  It comes to us just in time for Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day).  Suffice it to say it is more than just sadness---there is also wonderful humor to go along with the tragedy and the familial problems that occur over the years----just a chair, lighting, incidental music and Jane Elias creates a whole world for us to savor and recall.   The show runs through most of May 2015   at 312 W 3 st NYC---the TBG Theater.

A moment on the subject of hypocrisy.   It see,s that the NRA is having a convention (bless those peace loving people that misinterpret the Constitution and lobby to underline the point).  They are allowing guns in---BUT---no gun w/ a firing pin that works (activated?)   They don't seem to worry or care about anywhere else.  I wonder if they are being hypocritical or just cowardly--given their comments of gun control (which they seem to be doing for themselves) .

On a brighter and more personal note.. Going into NYC today I used the LIRR.  I had not used public transport in years having lived in the bucolic Rockland County---and now Nassau Cty.   LIRR smart move given   the horrible traffic on LI roads as opposed to the wonderful
 scenic, fairly traffic free PALISADES PKWAY.

By the way---interesting aside.   Tolls would have been some 15.00 RT.   This is the part that gets me--street parking at Muni Meter in that area--2 hrs----15.00       SO===toll s/parking--30.00.   You know what===NYC is a millionaires paradise and a disaster for all others.  Montana and other places are looking good