Thursday, August 30, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the bi-weekly fedora to Jimmy Cannon----


1)            A driver in Calif  backed out into a sidewalk hitting 11 people and his age was 100.  He said his brakes failed---my late step-father (at age 88) kept rear ending people and saying they stopped too short.  Time to think about revoking driving privileges without a “real” driving test for folks over a certain age.

2)            You have to hand it to the Republicans and Paul Ryan in particular.  He roared to the choir at the convention they will save Medicare and save the country money.  How they will do that.  Why even mention that small item.  Medicare is in no danger now—it is from these miscreants.  Glad that Ryan is so happy at how it helps dear and aging mom---my left eye is tearing up.

3)            It seems that Cheney was the Svengali behind W but here we now have Ryan---the perennial cheerleader.  Better think about those heartbeats from the Presidency---would you want the cheerleader for a football team to be the manager?

4)            Back on the music front I hope you will be tuned in this Sunday to TRADITIONS ( WFDU.FM) ---if you are local 89.1.  You know, ---the right place on the left side of the dial.   Some wonderful new music, some old favorites---and, the usual features ably abetted by the old favorites.  If you have requests merely write to me at

5)             Last Sunday, at a wonderful picnic and tribute to the brilliant Si Kahn, he came up with a great line.  A line I will not take credit for.  Listen to this Sunday’s SUNDAY SIMCHA --10AM ET ---see above.  Hear the line and what brought it on.

6)            I was so moved by Mrs. Romney and her comments about living in such squalor until things got better---Jon Stewart got it right---“Hand to Telephone, to Broker, to mouth existence.  I could not say it better---My Sister Eileen they are not.

7)             One has to admit that no longer is Mitt (whatever is that about) Romney the wooden figure he used to be.  Now—Plaster of Paris.  So much more real.

8)            On a serious note one does have to say he is a rebel.  He is 180 (or is it 360---I never get that right) from his truly idealistic father (George Romney).   You go, Mitt.   Keep rebelling.

9)            Seems like now kids should not read fairytales anymore.  Mrs. Romney certainly let everyone know how terrible a “storybook” marriage is compared to hers and all its trials and, alleged, tribulations.

10)     When did EZ Pass become “funny  money” like chips in a casino?    Probably when you decided not to feel the pain of totally insane tolls that support all the benefits paid to the “workers”(?) at the bridges and tunnels.   When you paid your .25 or .50 you figured that was OK.  Now---check that monthly statement.   A trip from NJ (or NY) to, say, LI----$23.00 in funny money.  You don’t even own that overpriced condo in NYC. And if you do---well, just one other crazy expense.  Go figure.