Thursday, January 14, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......:

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) How many roads must a man walk down before he realizes he is lost?

2) The Hudson River is beautiful when it’s frozen from side to side; and that seems to happen less every year---this year is an exception

3) It’s a good thing that New Jersey legalized Marijuana for medical use in the narrow way it did. Why should people suffer and the drug companies make fortunes when there is another solution?

4) Sarah Palin is now a commentator on Fox for many dollars which makes me realize I should resign my post as Pres. of the local library so I can be “rogue” and make money all the while saying it is for you that I am doing all this.

5) People are so hung up on terminology which is why I cannot understand the furor about Sen. Reid’s comments. The book Game Change did not have that as an important part and, if anything, it supported Pres. Obama.

6) Stephen Colbert had it right---“..Ne...Gro---all together now—Ne...Gro” . Like Lenny Bruce he showed how words influence us but are just plain ridiculous---generational divisions are caused by their use----and it is not a misuse.

7) With all the tragedy around the world should anyone really give a damn at what hour Jay Leno bores an audience or how unhappy Conan O’Brien is?

8) Some people get laid off and have no income. The NBC stars can just live off the residuals and investments---not to mention the lucrative contracts that have to be paid off. Just proves that vanity trumps cash

9) It is surely strange that in the garment industry ½ sizes are for heavy women. You would think that ½ of something is less and not more.

10) Bankers and brokers gambled so as to get higher returns and lost; taking the economy with them. It seems hard to comprehend that, thanks to gov’t bailout they now make huge profits and feel to keep their great talent enormous bonuses must be given these “great talents” that screwed everything up.

11) Does anyone own a house too large to lose? Seems there were banks too large to fail and I have not heard of a homeowner too big not to lose a home.