Saturday, August 25, 2007


While the playlist will posted tomorrow an alert to the new video was warranted. Hoping to keep some Jewish material on this site we leave Lenny Bruce and move into the hilarity of Henny Youngman. While the titles do not reflect him he is a major part of this. They should be watched in sequence since it is a sequence of an old Johnny Carson show featuring Henny.

For clarification---the program was aired in 1963.

This video will be found on the Playlist page which can be accessed by clicking on the right side of the page. Talk about cross-promotion. Way to go.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Program Notes for Future Reference

A very brief update. Since this page has been intended for Program Notes, as the title implies I shall give you a few followed by a few other items that pertain to that:

TRADITIONS: This coming Sunday will be filled with some interesting juxtapositions of music. From the satirical to the summer mood pieces you will find the likes of artists new and those we should hear again. I have always thought that it is nice to present the new---but, like classical music, let us not forget the ones we have heard before---a whole set of music from them and their relationship to radio awaits and the mood of summer awaits. Along with new material.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: A wonderful poutpourri of material from the present and the past. In additions a Simcha Question (could not alliterate---any suggestions welcome) that can only be answered by listening to the program---there will be a song and I hope you can identify the artist.

Hopefully, you will check The Almost Daily Rooster since there is some wonderful new topical material for Labor Day up there in video form.

As you know the site, as is this one, is updated frequently and your comments are always welcome. I would ask you to have the courtesy to leave a name. We are a friendly family here--- I hope.

I suppose I cannot leave this post without a picture of at least one or two of the artists that you will hear this weekend:

I am sure you recognize Bill Staines and Ronnie Gilbert.

We commemorate summer, Gospel Lite ( you will find out what that is about by tuning in) and also the sad occurrence and the anniversary of the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti. Would TRADITIONS ever leave you without the topical classics---and the remembrances we need? You tell me.