Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Since the site is about "Program Notes" let me tell you about a few of the things coming up on the various programs I host and feel you will be truly interesting to you if you tune in to WFDU for any or all of them.

Let us start with SUNDAY SIMCHA: This coming Sunday you will, once again, be regaled by some Allan Sherman material you probably have not heard before. In addition there will be some rarities as always. The week after, on June 8, a treat is in store.

A new CD just released by The Jewish Music Group which features some of the all time favorite musical pieces as performed by current artists that you might not expect to be doing them. There will be a question for a randomly selected CD ---can you name the artist you are hearing? The first 2 correct e mail responses will receive the CDs. You will be surprised by some of the artists---and you will recognize some of the voices. You will be quite surprised who they are.

Moving on now. TABLETALK. A well in advance heads up now. On Sunday, June 15 the writer, creator, and narrator of a truly interesting film--HOME will be my guest and we shall talk of how this film came to be and how he was able to get the interesting people he did to talk of their love for New York--people like Liam Neeson, Frank McCourt, David Amram (you will recall he was my guest a while back) and so many more people of lesser fame--the New Yorkers so to speak.

If you want a copy of this film prior to its major release you can write to:

The Home Film Company, Inc.
PMB # 140
3602 Quentin Road
Brooklyn, NY 11234
or you can e mail:

I do hope you will be tuning in for this conversation and some insights into what makes a film like this come into being, how all the people in it agreed to appear--from celebs to "us folks", and also about the brilliant cinematography you will see in this film. I am not a reviewer but can tell you from a personal note---it blows the mind. It is not a travelogue with a helicopter over New York. It is the "on the ground" filming of faces, places, and scenes.

Looks like we are finally up to TRADITIONS.

I had hoped to be able to bring HUNGRYTOWN to you and talk of their brilliant new CD but scheduling and some technical issues will preclude that. Their work will, however, be featured in the next few weeks.

Father's Day will, as always, not be forgotten here---and Groucho will once again make his annual appearance. Along with some other pieces of interest. I am sure one of those will be a Harry Chapin thought on that.

If you have any music that you think appropriate for Father's Day and you find meaningful to you---please e mail me the request and also any personal story you would like told with it. Please send it to I must have those prior to June 3---you have to prepare you know.

One last thought--as always---stay in touch and stay well.