Monday, November 14, 2016

An update for the future of my Radio programs & what happened

For those of you who wonder and care to know I shall give you the inside poop--yes, much like dog or cat excrement.    Suffice it say the mgmt (now in the hands  of Barry Sheffield) had issues that could not be not be resolved in a civil way and much had to do with the deference to Ron Olesko.  More on that later.   In the meantime my show will continue on You Tube once we get rid of some glitches that I created  in my Luddite mode when it comes to computers.     Below is a link to where you can now hear my  programs---soon on YouTube but now go to SoundCloud -----…/brunch-with-bill-october-9-2016    

more to follow---no fund raising, no office politics, just topical entertainment

Now, for those who want the inside poop mentioned:

 =Many people have said that no one leaves FDU on good terms. Now I have to agree. While I thank you for all your years (and mine) of a good relationship and support (save for one time (thanks to Ron) it has been much appreciated. I believe the final moments were over the top for whatever reasons you had in your comments to me.

Specifics now. Comments about errors (open mic.---as you have also done), disrespect by commenting to Rich S, and ,my trainwreck of a show (I suppose in comparison to all the other “quality” programs on the world wide voice of …...

This brings me to Ron and why he is CCd. For years you have criticized him and his persona along w/hit fundraising (compared to mine---not Important to me) yet when I suggested shaving his hours or (I did not get to it) going back to the old alt week sched. You said he cannot be changed or moved and, or course that went for all. Who got cancelled----me. Who got moved? Lynn.

One last thought to clear my slate of issues. Ron truly is a disloyal person. It is obvious in his voice (which I never listen to as most FDU shows --- save Mr Wills ---was the reason we had our (and Carl's) confrontation a few months back when he sent you an e mail addressed to me from a nasty listener---if it were U S mail I could pressed charges against Ron/ too bad no one even listened to it since it was nothing worthy of an issue----except Ron who had other issues-

That's it. Slate clear and since I see how happy dear Ron sounds I shall stick w/NPR and programs of interest to me