Friday, December 3, 2010


When Interview (late night TV) did have something to say---intelligently----

Take your choice---whatever you like---they are all good. Just like today's are note---by the way---The Cavett interview is interesting because he puts Johnny Carson into perspective vis a vis his popularity and his own audience. So true.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

THURSDAY---Another Edition Of........

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)  It does make one wonder if this might better be posted on the Playlist page---after all nothing is secret anymore when it comes to “views” in this internet age and that is where the views are..

2)    The Playlist page has some interesting new entries and some videos of some truly wonderful artists that it has been my honor and privilege to either play or interview.

3)    Does the season give you same feeling it does me?

4)    Since we have Christmas, Hannukah (or any way you want to spell it) and, lately, Kwanzaa has anyone ever thought this is the religious and PC way of inclusion for all?  Religion has nothing to do with it---just another way of showing tolerance when, in fact, religions divides people. 

5)    Stan Freburg had it right----his comment in the comedy album about the U S A (you could have heard it on Traditions/WFDU) about the Thanksgiving feast and “...tolerating an Indian today”.

6)    It is time to stop with reality since this is the “feel good time of year” and negativity makes it the “feel bad time of year” for retailers who truly feel some holy spirit moving them---I think it is called Mammon.

7)    December 19 would have been Phil Ochs 70 Birthday---we all remember and mourn John Lennon on what would have been his 70th---try to recall a talented rebel who cared about our society and was as much a musical royal as anyone.  If there is a Phil Ochs song night in your area don’t miss it---they happen many times and in many places and I am happy to say I was there when they began when his sister, Sonny, created it all.

8)    In thinking of Hannukah I think of the Macabees and their other name---Hasmoneans—frankly, a great sound for a song.  Beats Macabees by a Hasmonean mile.

9)    My daughter makes great “latkes”---and she does the most amazing dishes for most holidays.  I do like her latkes because they have just the right amount of oil to last me for 8 days.

10)                      Either I have overstayed my welcome in “life” or I damage retail businesses. A partial list of stores I really liked or, at least, patronized---Lafayette Electronics,  Circuit City, Alexanders (ok—I did not like it), Gimbels, The Automat, and I won’t even mention Jack & Dora’s Candy Store (who’s lamppost I and friends helped stay upright by leaning on them many evenings).  All gone!