Saturday, May 19, 2007


The heads up is for TRADITIONS:
Gospel music is something that has a great appeal to me and, I believe, to our audience. There is a White Gospel genre and there is a Black (African American) genre. The crossover artist in all this is Elvis Presley.

If you tune in on Sunday you will hear the two different influences and how they differed---and also, later, blended. To some extent. You will hear the White Gospel of salvation as evinced by Roy Acuff and Hank Williams.

Which will lead us into the world of people like these:
The Dixie Hummingbirds---together now for over 75 years.

Then there is always the glorious voice of Paul Robeson and the songs of freedom that will be given to us by Kim and Reggie Harris.

The program will have a lot more, including a some old favorites and some wonderful new material. A few surprises as always.

The Gospel portion will air in the 4 PM hour. Here is a trivia query---in what category did Elvis Presley receive his only Grammys. The first 3 respondents that respond on this website will get a randomly selected CD.
The Heads Up for SUNDAY SIMCHA: Comedy Corner should prove to be a highlight of this program. Though, admittedly, the music and artists featured will be of great interest. Including a little contest---any ideas how to alliterate the title for Trivia on Sunday Simcha. Let me know. We have Traditions Trivia for the other program. What about this---how about Sunday Simcha Sechel? If you can come up with a winner you can get a CD.
Finally, the book about Steve Goodman is issued and the author will be with me shortly. You can get this book now at your favored bookseller. Featuring over 1,000 interviews, a CD, and brilliant writing about an artist who, as he said to me, don't know about him but do know of him. Hopefully this book will change that. So many people know "City of New Orleans" and do not know that the greatest RR song ever written was by Steve Goodman. The song, if you listen carefully to the words, is a metaphor about Steve Goodman and the nation.

In our interview you will also hear of John Denver's recording prior to Arlo Guthrie's and of Denver's claim to partial authorship. Great story.

That interview will be on TRADITIONS---with Steve Goodman music from the CD that comes with the book. So---if you are male---get an athletic supporter--if female--I have no advice. It is a very heavy and worthwhile tome.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Scrolling on the right you will find the videos updated on a fairly regular basis. Say, about once a week. The same will be true on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER (which you can access by clicking on the right of this page). There the videos will be on the left and will also be updated fairly regularly. Mayor LaGuardia is now gone and you can enjoy some time with Harry Chapin.

As you probably know by now BROTHER THEODORE is featured on this page this week and a film of his life will soon be released. The Filmmaker will be joining me on TABLETALK once that memorable event occurs.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Few Program Updates

TRADITIONS: Some upcoming guests, which I have announced earlier are as follows:
LAURIE LEWIS on June 5. Laurie will be performing some older pieces and some new ones from her brand new CD.

MODERN MAN on TBA. The very dignified gentlemen will be joining me probably in June to try to hide the fact that they have a new CD being issued. Sort of like commemorative postage stamps. Time for collectors to rejoice.

CLAY EALS is the author a new biography---a long overdue comprehensive biography of STEVE GOODMAN. The book will be available by the end of June and the author will be my guest on TRADITIONS . The book comes complete with a CD of tribute songs to Steve Goodman and some interviews with him. In addition there are interviews with John Prine, Leo Kotke, Arlo Guthrie, Steve Goodman's classmate---Hillary Rodham Clinton, and, you know, the famous many others.

The exact date of this interview will be posted shortly. This is an alert that this book is well on its way now to being available.

TABLETALK: In the very near future a film on the life and times of BROTHER THEODORE will be released. The filmmaker will be joining me at that time to talk of THEODORE and also the film. That is anticipated for late June or early July airing.

For a little taste of BROTHER THEODORE and not Oleum Canus (his family's product) some clips of him will be on this page by Sunday Evening. This will replace Pete Seeger for the moment on this page. You will be able to see Pete Seeger again at a later time.

A reminder that to view the video and not just hear audio scroll to the top of the page after clicking on the frame you want to see.

THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER has some new videos for you enjoyment and edification as well. Just click on it. Let it be known if you are edified---if not perhaps you are billified or some other fied.