Thursday, February 16, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)            I should certainly start by thanking all of you most generous supporters of both SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS  during this  one time a year (and only one time a year) fund raising drive to keep the station up to date in technology and programming.

2)            Those of you who pledged on line I do think that is a wonderful innovation and I have been contacted about those generous ones of you who have selected either program on line---and, for SUNDAY SIMCHA-----Vus Gun Ich Zugen? Figure that out phonetically. You have outdone yourselves in the loyalty and generosity departments. 
Let me know if you want a bumper sticker for your car’s tuchis or your own.

3)            It seems that in death the amount of attention given by the news media is pretty much equal to that given to artists in their lifetimes.  Did we really need newscast updates on Whitney Houston’s funeral cortege from Newark airport?  How much attention was given to the death of, say, Steve Goodman or Kate Wolf lo those many moons ago?

4)            Here is a bumper sticker slogan for you---mental image first of Whitney Houston and then mental image of the children victims of starvation, civil war, genocide, etc----“  Millions care about 1 death and very few care about millions of deaths”.   You do need the sad visuals for this.

5)            Why are people getting upset—well, a niche few---about program changes on XM/Sirius radio when all they have to do is cancel their subscriptions.  That will truly piss of the mgmt.  Which makes me ask---where did that “piss off” expression come from.   Sounds like it would be a urinary relief.  Better that such an entity become constipated and truly be full of some of the material they promulgate.

6)            I do wonder why people feel the need to post their daily routines and problems on Facebook.   I also wonder why so many people respond to those postings.   Seems like the gossip mode is now electronic.

7)            Here is a trivia question---on Curb Your Enthusiasm there is a particular piece of music that is played during the “chase” or “rushing about” scenes---do you recognize it?

8)            You have to hand it to Gov. Christie (NJ) not only to come up with the scheme to honor Whitney Houston and then defend his decision for honoring a very talented and, yet, disturbed and addicted person.  Not a role model, not a leader, not a hero, but a talented and disturbed individual (who also became very rich) .  In his defense, he does answer all criticism personally—and, offensively.  Just get a Twitter account and you too can prove to the world how insensitive you are.

9)            Has anyone ever wondered how we got along before things like Twitter?  Perhaps we stopped and thought about matters before going off half-cocked?   Another expression I need to learn the origin of.

10)      I have finally found out why the chicken crossed the road----running a way from the Shochet for good reason.
11)  Since so many are clamoring for more educated children to keep the nation apace with the world why is college (not to mention earlier schooling---since so many need private schools given the poor quality of public schools) so expensive that less and less people can afford it?   There are a few explanations and they are all proving the point that corporate greed has reached into the halls of education too.