Wednesday, November 10, 2010

THURSDAY and Another Edition of.....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)     You really must read David Susskind’s biography if you want to see what an earlier and quality time in TV was like and also meet a truly creative and strange character.

2)     That woman who, so brilliantly, answered the question with just one letter on Wheel of Fortune is not the brightest bulb in the closet.  Think about it----if she knows it stretch it out and pick up more cash on this show geared for enthusiastic morons.  Or---Jay Leno fans.

3)     Did anyone find the constant swinging necktie on TBS counting off the time until Conan while other shows are on annoying?   And all that for a non-event that makes his show as dull as Leno.  So distracting from the depth of Family Guy.

4)     Given all the troubles of this poor planet why is there such a focus on the time wasting nonsense of the pointless late night talk shows---other than Jon Stewart.

5)     Dick Cavett’s new book should be a must read.  He reigned when late night TV had some import and substance---along with Jack Paar and Steve Allen.

6)     Why do politicians---when they disagree with you---say nothing here is personal when it sure as hell is?

7)     Orangetown, NY Town Council members only appear once a month at council meetings and are paid for that day (they have full time jobs) and hope for medical benefits and a pay increase (well, they did).  You really have to feel for a person who gets paid for one appearance a month and pleads for a raise and benefits due to the high cost of living---the only thing high is the dudgeon the tax payers should be in.  

8)     Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I am hoping that Si Kahn will be joining me on both SUNDAY SIMCHA and TRADITIONS that weekend.

9)     Germany has a hard time with November 9 and to their credit they seem to handle the dichotomy very well.  It is the date of the “wall” coming down---which came up after the end of WW 2 and led to E. German subjugation by th Soviets. All th9s had roots in November 9,1938 since that is the day (or night) of Krystalnacht ---The Night of The Broken Glass---the terrorizing of Jews that infamous day. History has strange and unexpected ramifications. 

10)                      Now—in the famous words of Peter Ustinov in response the ubiquitous and cliched comment we all hear each day---Have A Nice Day-----I have other plans.