Thursday, November 4, 2010

THURSDAY ----Another edition of....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)          The new voting machines are really nice and it is hard for us old timers not to recall and like the old manual models.  Time marches on but the bottom line is that this is a fortunate nation to have the opportunity to vote and actually elect our very defective candidates.  Beats assassinating people to get there.

2)          You have to wonder why there were not great debates and only negative attack ads ---and, of course, the classy Paladino (in NY) sounding like a hit man.

3)          Does anyone really care about Jean Luc Godard and his films or his alleged anti-semitism---why not just ignore him at the Oscars and if any one wants to see his films---pay the price of admission.

4)          I loved the sign of one of the attendees at the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally---Hitler IS Hitler---Perfect.

5)          I wonder how many people feel, as I do, that Jon Stewart’s comments about Juan Williams and having Yusuf(Cat Stevens) on his rally inappropriate.   A good subject for debate.   I add---I do believe that Jon Stewart is a wonderful communicator (and a really intelligent person) for our electronic time---and loved his line;  “...we live in hard times---NOT in END TIMES”.

6)          Carl Paladino has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams in getting what he secretly wanted in his heart---lose an election.   Next stop---a joint ticket with Palin---for an even bigger loss---and I have a great bumper sticker for that P&P---- Don’t even think of Peeing in the polls.

7)           I do hope you will tune in to SUNDAY SIMCHA this Sunday as the annual sad commemoration (for about 15 minutes) of Krystal Nacht (The Night of The Broken Glass) takes place---you can hear it on the web 10 AM Eastern Time.

8)          I hope that the David Susskind bio gets some good publicity---a giant in TV and theater that should not be overlooked.

9)          I have often wondered how much people feel they have to share on Facebook that is of no interest to anyone except the advertising folks that track your bowel movements for the proper laxative to sell you.  

10)     Helpful Hint from Heloise---- join a group with a communal interest and avoid personal information.  Since I was born around the same time as my old friend Aaron Burr I have no problem with Social Security numbers and such---just living too long and enjoying the fact that my old friend defeated Hamilton in the duel---but he never did get on a coin.  He did, however, spend many of them.