Monday, June 25, 2007


Once again we start with TRADITIONS

STEVE GOODMAN on the left is again the subject of part 2 of my interview with Clay Eals , author of FACING THE MUSIC--Steve Goodman. This interview will be archived on Clay Eals website (link above). Part 1 is up and running. (Click on Reviews & Other Press ---scroll down to Links to Radio Shows and click on WFDU) .Part 2 next week. The response to the interview and, Clay Eals tells me, the book is having a very good reception. His offer of an autographed bookmark mailed to you with the purchase of the book from his web site still stands.

In part 2 we discuss Steve Goodman's relationship with John Prine, why the book has the title it has, and we get to the Goodman classic and signature piece

It is anticipated that the author will be coming East for some book signings and appearances in August. Check his or this site for updates. The month of July is going to be busy with lots of music and guests

Noel Paul Stookey and artists involved in the Music To Life Project from the Public Domain Foundation will join the program on July 15 for some music and talk about the purpose and achievements of the project. Involved in it are such luminaries as Tom Paxton, Tom Chapin, Judy Colin,Christine Lavin , and many more. You know---The Famous Many Others.


Also guests in July. They will be joining us on July 15. The same day as Noel Paul Stookey and crew--we shall keep the revolving door well oiled for the great turnover of guests that day. Lots of music and moods to vary the afternoon.

Modern Man has a brand new CD---Assisted Living. This CD is quite a change of pace for the group. One has to say it is both funny, moody, and wonderfully produced.


is a surprise entry for July 1. A perfect companion interview to go with Clay Eals. We will talking about Michael Smith---his music, his career, and his close relationship with Steve Goodman.

A full and interesting afternoon is promised and as always it is our honor to be able to welcome such great talents to the program. Besides their personal appearances on stages we are privileged and honored to be a conduit for them to, we hope, a wide and interested audience.



the amazing "renaissance man" will be a guest on Sunday Simcha and also on TABLETALK. David Amram has composed operas (The Final Ingredient), symphonies, popular songs, and has performed with such diverse artists as Leonard Bernstein, Steve Goodman, Alan Ginsburg, Jack Kerouac, and many more. It has to be added here that if you read CLAY EALS book about STEVE GOODMAN you will find, in the photo section, a great picture of David Amram under the chupah with his best man behind him----STEVE GOODMAN

It is an honor and a privilege that he will be joining the Sunday Simcha program on---it is planned for July 15. That date is tentative at this point.

From an e mail I rcvd from Mr. Amram (and used with his permission) is a quote relating to WFDU and its programming:

your station is terrific and a lot of young people (and even 76 year oldsters like myself) enjoy the programming as an oasis from the torture of format radio's gradual incarceration into the Penitentiary of Bad Taste in the prison system of the Globalized Entertainment Industry's avalanche of swill which Amnesty International should cite as cruel and unusual punishment!

David Amram is now in the midst of composing a symphony --Variations on Music of Woody Guthrie.


JULY 8: The exclusive metro NY/NJ airing of the CAPITOL STEPS
quarterly radio program. This is, obviously, the July 4 Holiday Special. The VPs own laws and undisclosed locations as well as words from the beloved inhabitant of the house that is white located in DC will be explored in song and wit.

JULY 15 DAVID AMRAM will be on the program and information about him is explored at length above. The focus will be on his long and ever so fruitful career and life.

A busy and interesting month. Keep checking in for updates on programs, musical events, and changes on the videos on all 3 pages---Molly Picon is still there for you enjoyment. As are The Kingfish and his cronies on The Almost Daily Rooster.