Friday, October 22, 2010

THHURSDAY---Another Edition of....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)      I know now why a network does not carry a NY Gubernatorial debate.  They spend more well spent time covering mental hospitals.

2)      The debate in NY by the Gubernatorial candidates had not much more substance than viewing Family Guy or some such program.  Viewing or listening to a repartee between Groucho and Chico is more rewarding.

3)      Fyvush Finkel is “Shepping Naches”  on this opening evening with his sons at the Baruch PAC in NYC for Folksbiene in a Revue.   His sons are brilliant musicians and Ian played Rumania on the xylophone---you have never heard Rumania until you hear him do it.   The supporting cast of 2 seemed like 20---the runs only until 11/7---DO NOT MISS!

4)      Looking at some old You Tube videos  of old programs one has to wonder what happened to intelligent conversation on TV that Steve Allen, Dick Cavett, Jack Paar and others gave us.  Now we have hype and “shtick” from the likes of Leno (a disaster) , Letterman (all about him) and 2d rate wannabes

5)      What a delight to find that there are candidates that stand above a crowd of, basically, morons.  It makes one wonder when they opened the asylum doors or gave GEDs to nincompoops---you know the ones to whom I refer.  NY1 put them all on display---15 minutes of fame and all that---15 minutes too long.

6)      Discovery Channel has a program called  Cash/Cabs (something like that)---does that mean that Discovery has discovered simpletons and village idiots?

7)      It’s a strange world when people are out of work and have a hard time paying a mortgage but the real hardships are defined by the financially hard pressed FOX network and Cablevision.

8)      Fyvush Finkel had too many jokes to remember but one does stand out---he is the waiter in the sketch (At Cafe Crown) .  Female Diner:   Waiter this napkin is filthy. 
   Waiter:   You are picky---the last 5 people didn’t complain
   Husband---just give us a check
            (receives check and leaves tip—10 cents)
   Waiter:  What a tip----do you come into an inheritance?