Thursday, December 31, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......:

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) Is David Buskin right? You develop a Jewish accent when you age? I heard, recently, I have a New Yawk accent---Vots de madder you don like de way I tawk? (Great story behind that---email
for the story)

2) My idea for an employment agency might work---jobs that are all volunteer jobs with no pay. I have tested it on myself and it works really well.

3) When did the expression “Have A Nice Day” come into being? It is an automatic response from everyone and posted on buses—Peter Ustinov had the right response---“I Have Other Plans”.

4) Is it obligatory to say Happy New Year or Happy Holidays at this time of year?

5) George Carlin’s posthumous memoir is truly delightful and makes you laugh out loud. He played words like a virtuoso plays the violin.

6) Sherlock Holmes was classic so he should not be changed into an action hero. Some things should be sacrosanct . Imagine Hamlet hammering the hell out of his mother, Polonius, and everyone in his sight. “Yeah—Ma, this one’s for you==f+*(> with my dad, will you”.

7) Do you remember when the Mad Subway Bomber in NYC was news? Terrorists change their profile all the time and, for that reason, profiling does not work but a “Proton Screener”(if that is the term)does---its private enough and your private parts are still private---only the security person can have fantasies.

8) It seems almost as expensive to travel from the West Side of the Hudson to Long Island as buying food, film tickets, passport applications, and many other things. I recall the 25 cent toll(each way—now 5.50 each way) on the East River Bridges and the “very” expensive Geo. Washington Bridge at 50 cents (each way). Think, now, pensions, overtime, salaries (for people holding their hand out for tolls---like beggars but with pensions), and maintenance (low on the list).

9) Public transportation is one of the best things the NYC area has to offer but what was wrong with IRT, BMT, IND? Did we really need 1234ABCDZQL? It used to be fairly simple.

10) I have to recommend an amazing tour de force of a performance---Zero Hour. You will believe you are watching Zero Mostel in a performance both funny , serious, and meaningful. Check The Almost Daily Rooster for a clip from the official web page of the show.

11) As the ball drops for another year let me say to be of good cheer and hope this year will be better than the last and that your year may be filled with health, happiness, good cheer, good friends, tolerable relatives, and all the things you wish for yourselves provided you do not wish to be a mass murderer or a fanatic of any sort.