Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Interim Message

As you can see there have been no Playlists published nor any other things   All due to the storm conditions and I will say I count my blessings in having certain difficulties but none of the magnitude of some other sad and unfortunate souls.

By next week the radio programs will be on track (hopefully) and all our lives will be the same (hopefully).   I hope you will be tuned in on 11/11 for both programs as we recall and some sad major events and also let you know of some wonderful concerts to relieve you of today's myriad problems.

Let me just tell you of the events here, briefly:

PHIL OCHS SONG NIGHT---Acoustic Cafe in Park Ridge NJ.  Nov. 17.  8 PM
PRISCILLA HERDMAN----Borderline Folk Music Club, New City NY Nov. 18  2PM

I hope to see you at both events---or at least one.  Let's say hello and, perhaps, chat a bit.

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