Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Having been remiss due to various weather events---and one is occurring right now---let me just make mention of 3 events that I do believe will be of great interest.  The price for each event is a fraction of what a show in NYC would cost but the enjoyment is not only on a par but will exceed you expectations--

PHIL OCHS SONG NIGHT---Acoustic Cafe  in Park Ridge, NJ  11/17 8PM
PRISCILLA HERDMAN----Borderline Folk Music Club, New City, NY  

I will be MCing the Borderline program.  Hope to see you at both. 

My hopes that all are well and recovered from the storms that have decimated many of us and that we, who are with power and amenities now once again appreciate what we have here and also feel and help those who have been devastated.  

Politically;  I am not only delighted that my candidate won but also that the other person was gracious and that our system surely beats any other when it comes to the passage of power ---to use the Caro book title.

Tomorrow it Thursday but given the weather events another Nobody Asked Me But...will have to wait.

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