Thursday, December 13, 2012


 a flip of the fedora as always to JIMMY CANNON


1        As the year draws to an end this Sunday will be my last program on TRADITIONS for this year and I will be featuring---along with the regular features and the wonderful new material---some of the recordings that truly got to me this year.  Not a TOP10 just a summary of some that impressed me for various reasons.   If you have others in mind please do contact me and let me know and I will surely play them with your comments next time I am on the WFDU airwaves---or, now, their worldwide stream.   Damn, they have to contact a good Urologist about that.

2        I hope that you will be joining me once again on January 5 when my guest will be Mara Levine and we will play from her newest recording and talk about that and her career.

3        The Pope is now using Twitter---what a thrill.   I don’t since I do believe that it is the area limited to birds for communication.   Are we not more nuanced than the birds?

4        This is a good point to announce some of the future plans for both TRADITIONS AND SUNDAY SIMCHA.   On January 5 I am planning to have Mara Levine join me to talk about her career and play music for her latest recording---such a beautiful voice. That will be on TRADITIONS.  SUNDAY SIMCHA will featuring some your requests for the more traditional material as the years progresses and will also be adding some “newish” material---strange you don’t look newish---but you will assimilate and enjoy the program.   Alavei!.

5        I do want to make mention if the radio station that is truly---THE RIGHT PLACE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE DIAL.  Actually, if you still have a dial---on the whole damned thing.     WFDU.  Where else would or do you get the eclectic  programming you get here---especially on the weekends.  OK I am partial.  Where else do the hosts get the liberty of programming what they believe is what the their audience wants---not what “suits”  say they want.   It is radio as is should be.   Not, like some alleged community/public stations say they are.   This is really “free form” radio at its best.  Radio you can relate with.   As was said, recently, by one of the staff members, “...a companion to those who are in need of company and a port in a lonely storm...”.   It is the best that radio offers.  Even more than TV.   It is personal.

6         For this year then---may your next year be what you hope it will be.


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