Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Thoughts About Hypocrisy and Current Events

Welcome to the phone booth---I hope our small contingent is not too crowded and that we all showered so that the soap suppliers do not have to receive a bonanza.

Given the events of this past week and given all the commentary about it I thought the following would be appropriate---it is something I posted to Facebook as a response to another item (having to do with Dylan and the subject)---which seems to have disappeared. Who know why things appear and disappear on that site---algorithms, I suppose. I do not know that damned word even means---anyway---below is my post which I felt was pertinent to the events of last week:

I am certain that Phil Ochs would have a just as pointed and meaningful a commentary---but it matters not since the deed is done and the tragedy happened---for whatever reason. Thankfully, Pres. Obama has properly evinced the moment with c...ommentary on healing and hope for a more meaningful and peaceful discourse since we are one nation and should not be swayed by the acts of a "lunatic"---at least here we do not have to worry about the legalisms of comments--years back we also did not---now we and the Pres. have to watch the words we use---cannot even call a "nut job" that---he is "mentally challenged" and the police will try to find out his motives---well, they will do better than "shrinks" then----no one else seems to have wanted. legally,to invade the territory of---basically---a nut case and this is what the results are.

OK---Time for Phil Ochs


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